1. Blight fall has the goal of cleansing the land. I loved it, but it is in an older version of Minecraft.

  2. I know you are having other issues, but I just want to make sure you know that the fluid transposer is currently set to empty which makes the tank and output. You need to set it to fill so the tank can be an input for fluid.

  3. Well it's probably a hardware failure then I'd indeed take it to a shop and try to get warranty if you still have that

  4. Yeah that's what I'm thinking. Unfortunately it's 7byears old so I definitely don't have warranty. It would be nice to get it working again, but we'll see.

  5. Modded Minecraft and Reacher. Reacher is gonna kill me for all my crew against the villagers and animals

  6. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills or maybe you guys are just messing with me but:

  7. why does that website tell you to use a 3x3 crafting table. its almost as dumb as i think mysitcal agriculture in AIO enforcing a 3x3 for 2x2 recipies

  8. I picked that website because it looked liked one of those dumb wikiHows

  9. Meatballcraft is a pretty amazing pack for 1.12.2

  10. The pack development I think is technically in alpha but it gets updated fairly often. It has lots of tech and magic mods well integrated into each other. It also has a lot of custom multi blocks allowing you to automate everything you could need. I've been enjoying it a lot.

  11. I'd make Control into a movie, I'd love to see that world explored again in a different medium.

  12. Meatballcraft has a truly massive endgame. It does have some magic but allows you to automate most of it.

  13. If you are okay with older versions like 1.12.2 I would give Meatballcraft a go. It still gets updates and has an active discord if you do find a problem. It seems very well balanced and I have been enjoying it a lot.

  14. A bathroom at my school has a bunch of these grout puns written above the urinal

  15. Ahh no, Social Science and Humanities building UC Davis

  16. I believe Polaris is the same thing as the Hiss, another resonance based life form. I did always think that we as the player are Polaris. We can see things in the world, markers that Jesse herself can't. We guide her through the Oldest House

  17. So the first unit got lost in the mail and they sent you a replacement but later on the original one arrived? That makes more sense than a company ‘accidentally’ sending 2. They probably already wrote off the first one which why they weren’t interested in getting it back. Congrats on a lucky experience with our struggling supply chain!

  18. I bought a laptop from Amazon a long time ago and it looks like the warehouse got them inboxes of two and they never noticed. So I got a laptop and my sister also got one.

  19. If you have the materials you can put 4 molecular assemblers on each interface to increase crafting speeds

  20. Spawn the decoy king at F3

  21. Blightfall is my favorite quest pack.

  22. It used to be mine, but then I got to the purification part, and it lagged my full setup to all hell. After that, I put it down to C tier

  23. My only problem was the Cyber Dawn Totem on the ship kept accelerating so I just had to restart the world every like 15 areas cleared

  24. I'm currently making my way through the Jaffa Saga playlist which has Jaffa Factory through Hole Diggers

  25. I see Duncan has embraced the traditional Brit in California look of turning into a tomato.

  26. I will always remember Ross Hornby - The Neapolitan Man

  27. Don’t miss the series, “Time of Death” on Showtime. It’s about 7 terminally ill patients. Beautifully moving.

  28. Tuesdays with Morrie is a great book on this subject.

  29. You should watch the Don't Starve Challenge. It's a classic

  30. Jazzpunk. It was such a wild and fun indie game

  31. Isn't there a little confederate cult in Brazil?

  32. Additional thought, how did Quirrell sleep?

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