1. Our wedding song is You and Me. I've got "we can do anything, baby" engraved on the inside of my ring. Also, we gave out koozies with "Eat Drink and Be Married". I liked how we were able to sprinkle it in without being too over the top.

  2. I thought about You and Me, as I do love it. Is it still appropriate if we will not be having any kiddos?

  3. Our wedding party, including my wife and I, came out to the Two Step intro (no words).

  4. So being there an hour before doors open should put you in a good spot, though you’ll likely not want to leave that spot the remainder of the evening. Even an hour after doors open, you should still be middle of the pack.

  5. Sounds good! I’ll wear a diaper so I don’t have to use the bathroom. Kidding…but I likely will reduce my liquid intake that day lol. I’ve been in the pit for several show, though none of those were indoor venues. Generally had luck making friends with the people around me and we all kind of had each other’s backs with leaving to go to the bathroom or get beverages. Saving spots and coming back etc. That was many years ago though…times may have changed.

  6. Teamwork makes the dream work! I support that plan. Make a circular human fall and protect the empty spot. Love it!

  7. It totally does! Especially since DMB fans are generally the happy-go-loving type☺️. Those were some Good Good Times back in the days of life allowing me 3-4 shows a year.

  8. I’ll Back You Up…Smooth Rider and Idea of You. Break Free as well. But I cry if we get Grace is Gone. I’ve been to 53 shows and have heard it I think maybe 3 times…it’s my white rabbit. Well, and Christmas Song.

  9. I feel like they stopped seniority a long time ago. I was a WH member from ‘04 to ‘14 went to 45 shows…and I noticed a less likelihood to seniority after ‘10. Got my tickets elsewhere or through friends after ‘14. Haven’t been to many shows in the past 5 years though…life got in the way. Just recently re-joined the WH the same night requests were closing (after learning they would be in my neighborhood). Only requested for Minneapolis. Got Pit. So…I wasn’t a member for eight years… And got Pit. It truly is a lottery. Luck of the draw.

  10. They posted mine right away to the confirmed section for GA Pit. Then today the column for seats said “check” and for Pit it only GAStanding.

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