1. I'd recommend just buying a preconstructed deck. It'll save some stress and you have something to build off of

  2. Rule of thumb: if it's not yours, don't use it.

  3. Manipulating xbox services, i aint even do anything i just installed games and played😭

  4. I ruined a world for one achievememt and I didn't even get the achievement

  5. Nice! The lack of cross progression must be frustrating. Yea the grind can be annoying. I dread skilled huntress, left for dead, adept pig.

  6. It's annoying but the most annoying thing is having to buy DLC twice for this game. I hope they implement cross progression sooner rather than later so I can do all the adepts and stuff on my Xbox. The pig one with placing traps, you can only place a max I think of 5 per match. So you have to do a minimum of 25 matches. Which is absurd

  7. That would be ideal, hopefully they can pull it off but I wouldn't be surprised if they dont because double the dlc sales. I feel like anything to do with the pig will have to be sweaty, which Im not a fan of

  8. This is how you don't get viewers. Read the sub rules.

  9. holy shit you're serious.....

  10. You're not serious? If you're not serious then why are you here?

  11. "You're not serious? If you're not serious then why are you here?"

  12. If you don't understand my question you just had to say so.

  13. I'm guessing you already tried Twitch support?

  14. Yeah cuz their Twitter is packed with problems. Try through the actual Twitch website...

  15. i mean reviewer score also easily got review bomb and random score tho

  16. Why would anyone review bomb this game? It has no controversy surrounding it. So I wouldn't worry about that.

  17. Not true. There also many many stupid gamer scores. And these are even more subjective

  18. Exactly. Stupid scores from stupid people. Mostly, from reviewers. How can anyone give a game that has "too much water," when it's based off Hawaii, a 7.8/10? Reviewers will give everything a 7/10 so they can keep people coming and keep money flowing rather than saying something actually meaningful.

  19. It's not even a full second. Just long enough to make tbagging pointless. I mean, you CAN, but it just looks really dumb.

  20. Then at that point it doesn't matter. Because teabagging fast or slow is still teabagging.

  21. Eeeeeeh. Try bagging really slow with a full half second+ in between bags. It really takes the fun out of it, and really takes the bite our of the gesture from the other side.

  22. Not if it's less then a second. Then what about those dodges on huntress hatchets and trickster knives? Just fuck them trying to dodge right? You see how this doesn't work?

  23. Like I said look at CS:GO has crouching, its a core mechanic but 0 tbag because of the anti-spam "fatigue"

  24. That doesn't work in this game because you might need to hide and see since this game is based around hiding from the killer

  25. I rarely see hard tunneling and camping in my survivor games and even with hi MMR or whatever they are using these days or low it doesn’t make a difference. Killer toxicity is rare for me to run into. When I play killer I have toxicity at least half of my games. Then they’re STILL ass hats after the game. Like. Sorry I slugged because you all tried Beamer saves while injured and were all running impossible hook builds and chose the map AND no one brought anti slug? They harassed me for weeks and made a group chat and added all of their friends to harass me for weeks. Like. Was I supposed to let you get those Beamer saves?

  26. That's just a shit group of people. That's not a general view of how survivors are. But either way we have different views on who is more toxic. But the matter is we won't know. Your personal experience isn't a hard core indicator,and neither is mine. But I believe that it's closer to 50/50 for toxicity.

  27. No. It’s not equal. You don’t appear to play killer with any regularity either it seems so

  28. I play more survivor but I've seen my fair share of both sides being nasty. Just because I don't play killer doesn't mean I don't see shitty survivors. And yes, it's equal.

  29. After installing this game it goes downhill

  30. If it means my team survives and objectives get done, I'm fine with it.

  31. Both. I filled my cellar with wine casks to ferment while I just keep selling wine weekly to get more money

  32. Just practice and make a template. Have your intro, if you have one, and then your outro saved as one file. Then just add in your clip and make whatever edits you need

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