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  1. In all honesty they are decent all rounders, especially the VRS trims.

  2. If you're a member of PCS, vote. Even if you vote against it (not sure why... but whatever) just vote.

  3. Agreed. It maintains our legitimacy each and every time people participate.

  4. Well, that and the legislation requires a minimum turnout for a ballot for action to be valid.

  5. Honestly? I'm 28 so I'd get bored easily if I just called it a day, especially when I've taken so long to get started with my career (I kind of enjoy it tbh)

  6. Tbh I don't get why we have it? Like what IS the point of "equivalent rank"?

  7. I remember working at the ‘same grade’ as a Commodore at the Navy, whilst being referred to as ‘boy’ by the actual Commodore in the team pretty much every week.

  8. 😭😭😭 I'm sorry I shouldn't laugh. I'd not know whether to laugh or be annoyed at that

  9. I would gladly drop kick someone in the face if it would get me paid and taxed properly on the first payslip of any rotation but the payroll admin team are still on annual leave

  10. I've seen A LOTTTT about payroll issues with trusts.

  11. I hope someone called her out specifically on this

  12. Even better. They bought out her company accounts on twitter.

  13. 20 percent of the civil service is based in London. For the large departments that is where the policy is made.

  14. Yep! DfT have a huge presence in Wales. DVSA and DVLA work two large offices in Swansea.

  15. If it wasn't for the DVLA I would still be working minimum wage shop jobs. The service can provide fantastic opportunities however the career progression can be far better in London than out in the sticks.

  16. Oh without a doubt! I was only there on an FTA throughout COVID.

  17. I was lucky enough to see one of these off an acquaintance a while back.

  18. I think it should be a couple extra years just for good measure!

  19. What is different between the 2 countries in your experience?

  20. Your friendly civvie accountant here... If you haven't, sign up for your Personal Tax Account on the GOV UK website.

  21. Exit interview. Hand back devices and pass on your last day.

  22. Starting my CIMA but coming in as an SEO as I've got business/data analyst experience. Mind if I message you privately?

  23. Please do! I'm starting out myself and could do with bouncing off each other 😊

  24. I'm on annual leave atm but when I come back, do you mind having a networking Teams call? Reviewed your post history and we're at v similar stages so would be amazing to have someone to bounce off with. Just double checking that you are male:I'm male and wouldn't want to get in trouble with the wife for speaking to random women online!!

  25. Absolutely! Whenever you're free drop a line, Also yeah, I'm a bloke 🤣🤣🤣

  26. What is the fucking point in a sofa this.... Like this???!!

  27. I may as well buy an Apple watch and not be able to use it.

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