1. There is a positive correlation between online gaming competitiveness and toxicity, meaning that as the level of competitiveness in online gaming increases, so does the likelihood of toxic behavior among players. Studies have shown that highly competitive online games with a strong emphasis on winning and losing can lead to toxic behavior, such as verbal abuse, trolling, and cheating, as players become more invested in winning at all costs. More so, anonymity by online platforms can also contribute to the toxicity of the environment, making it easier for players to engage in negative behavior without fear of consequences or social disapproval. The competitive nature of online gaming can create a breeding ground for toxic behavior, which can have negative effects on individual players and the overall gaming community.

  2. i have no idea how you found this 2-month old post, but this is super interesting. any chance you could share citations on the studies you mentioned?

  3. Soft af. Just shows that the icebath community doesn’t represent hardness at all.

  4. for real, Internet people really don't get "ribbing." i feel like he would crack up if he saw this.

  5. Wow that was unexpected, I was expecting Kyle to do something to make me cringe, again. That’s a shitty mum right there though, that poor girl!

  6. ok maybe this is lost on simple minded dolts like you, but let me explain this to you: Bert Kreischer is fat AND he takes his SHIRT OFF.

  7. Joe looks like that “omg I’m gonna cum” meme of that porn star girl and I can’t unsee it

  8. There is so much ick to this I honestly don't even know where to begin.

  9. i didn't see the original post, but i'm sure as hell seeing this one! i am not sure this was a good PR strategy for the pub!

  10. a positive post about Joe Rogan and comedy? wtf OP don't you know that has nothing to do with this subreddit!

  11. as a relative newbie, i treat dnd as a “yes, and…!” game. if you’re new to the group, it’s worth playing along and maintaining good humor.

  12. cant really develop your character or cheer when said character is completly bound and gagged, forcing them to be able to do nothing

  13. i think it sounds like a dick move on the part of the GM. but at the end of the day, "winning" in this situation means more than just rolling dice for damage. "winning" is getting the GM out of whatever weird chip they have on their shoulder about you and having a fun ongoing campaign.

  14. He looks like a lesbian who loves drinking IPAs and grinds their own coffee.

  15. Damn if this is the set up for blowjob machine parlors then count me out

  16. Your scientists moderators were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

  17. This guy sucks. Nobody cares about your facial expressions and they aren’t funny. This whole “reaction” shit is lame as fuck

  18. Damn, thats a good filter. I thought that shit was real.

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