1. life is a journey, not a destination. add some spice to that journey by going on sunset drives, reading books, watching movies, watching funny/interesting/weird videos on youtbe, listening to music/podcast, eating different foods with a cold beer, volunteering for noble causes, and trying different outdoor activities. every now and then drive/fly somewhere far and explore different cultures and landscapes. the world is big and beautiful.

  2. where can i find the brown boots that navy pilots wear(with yellow laces?). one that goes with flight suit, not the NWU brown boot(ewww).

  3. Fucking crooks. I’m not mad they’re going down but just the fact they can nip 68% off shows how much of a fugazi it all is

  4. Look up natural gas price. SDGE hands tied to market price movements.

  5. Natural gas price went from ~$10 in Aug 2022 to ~$3 as of today.


  7. The center arm rest positioning. It's a pretty asinine design decision.

  8. They’re what, $10 each? Do it yourself, with a $10 spark plug puller. Ask a mechanically minded friend if you’re not comfortable.

  9. ur talking to someone who paid $75 for cabin air filter replacement at the dealership. i felt dumb as a rock after watching this video and looking up the price of a filter:

  10. Learned my lesson the hard way but on the bright side, it only cost me $75. Not bad I guess?

  11. User submitted question (for anonymity):

  12. Category 5: Meets criteria to homestead. The family member’s needs are highly specialized, complex or severe, requiring continuity of care. 1Homestead Assignment: A detailing option that may permit a Service member, whose family member is identified by the central screening committees to require specialized intervention of continuity of medical care, with an opportunity to remain in a particular geographic location to establish. Homestead sites must be selected based on their ability to provide requisite services and appropriate operational and shore rotation. Homestead sites that can support operational and shore rotations may include, but are not limited to:

  13. LES Specialist - their job is to process/unfuck pay related works like: -BAH -SRB -SDAP -Sea pay -Family separation pay -Hazard pay -Flight deck pay

  14. Hmm I don’t know if it’s brake pads or something else. How many miles? these cars have an issue from the factory where when you’re slowly creeping forward for example at a drive-through you’ll hear the brake pads squeaking as if you have very bad brake pads however they have a fix for them which I just did to my car two months ago at 7000 miles.

  15. is amphib better than cvn if I want to hit a lot of port calls around med? also between boats based out of san diego vs norflok who sees more port calls around med?

  16. No med port calls from San Diego pretty much ever. Idk about amphibs but cvn hits many med port calls these days. Hit 7 in 6 months on my last deployment.

  17. Joined 2020 may for 5year which included one year extension. I guess hard is may 2024 n soft is may 2025?

  18. You have to either be a year out from your EAOS or receive orders which require you to OBLISERV to reenlist for SRB.

  19. why not just add carbon tax on these flights and invest the proceeds into subsiding/improving rail infrastructure?

  20. because that only punish the poor while rich people can still pollute like crazy asshole on their one person private flight?

  21. Here’s the thing, we will use the tax proceeds to subsidize rail transportation. So rail will become more affordable for them while also reducing carbon footprint

  22. Chief got a DUI, and all he had to do was sleep on the boat for a while. He whined about it the whole time.

  23. Biggest wild card is whether your senior’s average is fuckedup where 4.2 can put you under RSCA and have to give 2.0 for folks getting out in order to unfuck it.

  24. I have heard of good sailor's getting all 3.0 with a mark higher than P with a disclaimer of something like "3.0PMA ONLY TO ADJUST RSCA" but I have never actually seen it in black and white.

  25. I think COC should(definitely) mention the RSCA upfront when giving out eval.

  26. Every person in tech knows how offshoring works. The company hires a bunch of tech workers from India, they work for a year and run the company into the ground. Then the company decides to hire a bunch of Americans to fix the mess. My company has hired 20 American developers so far this year alone, we’re fixing the mess.

  27. Yeah that Indian guy Satya Nadella ran the company into ground after taking it over from Steve Balmer.

  28. Time Zone differences will still make offshoring a challenge for some jobs.

  29. You have no idea the amount of Indians working between 9-5 EST.

  30. For the rookies out there watch Visa. It’ll tell you everything you need to know about American consumers and how they deal with inflation.

  31. https://www.google.com/search?q=Tibetan+Buddhist+canon&rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS944US944&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwij5PDUuuv3AhWpqo4IHVEQAS4Q_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1830&bih=882&dpr=1

  32. We talked that (or a similar case) when I went to legal clerk school (years ago). LNCS told us the Navy decided Sailors had an administrative duty to report DUIs (similar to what is quoted above), but that the Sailor's omission admission (typo) could not be used as evidence against him or her.

  33. Anything other than police related paper? Cant think of any.

  34. Cologne. The people are really nice. Also I live there.

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