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  1. Amigo, fico feliz por você estar animado com esse flerte. Só recomendo pensar em buscar felicidade e luz para sua vida INDEPENDENTEMENTE da influência dos outros no seu estado emocional. Desse rolé pode sair uma história linda e duradoura e pode sair um trauma. INDEPENDENTE disso, tome seus remedinhos e vá tocando a bola. Sucesso.

  2. Sounds like an asshole micromanaging boss. You did literally nothing weird or wrong. If you had to ask 100 times who the fuck cares? Only him.

  3. It felt like he needed to make sure I was not asking the same thing again for some reason, like there could be a problem in that. It rubbed me the worst way possible.

  4. This is so much better … I would look into hiding the buttom of the U less. But it’s good looking stuff

  5. I decided to work on improvements based on feedback collected on the previous post. Looking back, it was pretty basic. I just wanted to give the original creator a better reference for what he did. Here's a small list of the changes:

  6. In all seriousness though, I dig the design. The only issue I see (someone else also mentioned) is the bottom right of the R. The angle of all the colors looks off.

  7. I'm actually working on putting edits based on feedback. It's just sad to see people digging for a downvoted comment to bring in more shit. I appreaciate the input you gave me here.

  8. Also, I just looked through your post history. Oh shit, you’re the guy who did the Bokos thing (I think I spelled that wrong). That one was awesome. You’re really good, you do a lot of good work.

  9. Thanks. I'm trying to get as many good projects as I can for portfolio.

  10. Jesus Christ, thank you for doing this. I didn't want to comment for fear of being mass downvoted for admitting I couldn't see anything

  11. I have to agree. If it was intentional, it's either poorly designed or an after thought. I don't know why you'd plug in such a cool thing on a logo and not work to make it noticeable to more people.

  12. Have you noticed the bear in the Toblerone mountain?

  13. Yep, the only reason why it's hidden is because we usually see the logo in small form. put it bigger and it's really hard to miss.

  14. This is a reference suggestion for the post done by

  15. I'm confused about the inner shadow of the text did you use something or draw It by pen tool?? Please answer.

  16. Theres a technique do to it that I saw on a course a few years ago. It's hard to explain without showing it though.

  17. When I was a kid and I was in New Zealand I used to see see designs and logos that conveyed values of childlikeness, fun, and...idk just sweetness.

  18. I do it on Affinity Designer. I actually just went through some references and looked what they have now. I wanted to make as true to the original as possible and make it current with a good typeface and giving it a bolder impact. I'm not even that great at doing mascots or drawings in general, but I tried my best.

  19. Sim, reativou uma memoria perdida lembrar disso.

  20. Que top cara! Amo essa pipoca, foi metade da minha dieta nos tempos de universidade (não me arrependo).

  21. Pior que da minha também. Mas eu sou do tempo q a pipoca pequena vc achava por 5 centavos em alguns cantos, bons tempos.

  22. Uh what innovations have you seen in the open world/rpg genre lately? Almost all open world games have been samey and RPGs have been extremely dumbed dumbed down(with the exceptions of DOS2,Pathfinder Kingmaker/WOTR, Pillars Of Eternity)

  23. Well, BOTW gives you a plentiful physics and chemistry system to work with and lets you climb in almost every single surface in the game. Is BOTW a perfect game? HELL, NO... but it dared to do more than just be an open world game and gave the player a lot of possibilities.

  24. Something to consider is that it would be relatively "easy" to use a hybrid model. I think the game is likely to be disappointing, but it is possible for devs to do procedural generation in development and then hand tweak the results.

  25. If that's the case, I'll shut up. I doubt it will be though.

  26. esse tipo de coisa sempre me deixa intrigada, deve ser extremamente cansativo viver uma vida em que tudo é pecado, e a pessoa que escreveu isso não deve nem lembrar de todos.

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