1. Ok 😅 Well I enjoyed your video. You’re a great guitarist. Thanks for sharing your talent

  2. Lol I'm just messing with you bro, I'm glad you enjoyed the video :D Could you link me your djent cover? I'd like to see it.


  4. I love this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I wouldn’t say you’re being flashy. I just think harmonics and flutters are the final touch as embellishments. Things to use in moderation yk? It’s strange hearing riffs made from embellishments and decoration

  6. I guess we just have different tastes in how we compose then.

  7. You are obviously trying to build a following, which is great, but this isn't the appropriate place. When you post as much as you do. It basically starts feeling like all your videos are just ads (which they are, if you are trying to use this subreddit to build a following).

  8. For sure man I get it. I'll stop posting nearly as much. I wasn't aware until recently that people were sick of my vids so that's why I kept posting, my b. How often would you recommend I post? Once every two weeks? Once every two months?

  9. Nah it's a song called prince by Ry^n, here's the link:

  10. Nice dude! Its like a speed run version of if, so i would say this is harder haha

  11. I watch Manuel Gardner Fernandez enough to recognize the tapping and chkchkchkchk. But is this a cover or an original? Either way, great job!

  12. Nasty asf🔥 also love your nail polish!

  13. Very unique sound. It’s pretty hypnotizing to listen to

  14. Pretty good, below abc, above playing god and neurotica

  15. Wanna be friends? May sound weird but I am just socially awkward lmaooo

  16. Haha yeah sure, my insta is linked on my reddit account so dm me there if you wanna talk more :D

  17. Great taste Looks great on you man! Do you usually upload Polyphia covers?

  18. Thanks bro, yeah that and some original stuff aswell

  19. Love you covers and your original stuff is catchy. Make an ep. I'll buy it.

  20. Fr?? I def will once I am more established, but for now I wanna try get more of a unique identity and more of a following. But I will one day bro :D

  21. Link me your socials thru dm (not sure about self promote rules). You are very talented. I'd say you could be like ig famous with some of your riffs. But yeah considering your output, keep it coming.

  22. I only practice songs bro, I never learned scales or excercises or anything like that

  23. This is a big thing that I think all beginners should do. Just have fun and play your fav songs so ur more likely to stay with the instrument while also picking up tons of new skills

  24. Fire af homie!! With the thbb10 aswell like damn ok

  25. give credit to gutho for the instrumental and try listening to the song before attempting to play it.

  26. Oh ye sorry about that I forgot to credit him. What do you mean listen to the song? You mean it was so ubeleiably shit and terribly played that it's like I didn't even listen to the song? Cause if so that's pretty harsh, I don't think it's that bad. I've still got a long way to go ofc but I think it's decent.

  27. Awesome sauce try fixing your timing and picking harder also holy shit u have a thbb10 i am incredibly jealous.

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