1. Yooo this was sick!! I definitely hear the goose inspiration for the song, this rocks. Y'all should try making this into a song

  2. This right here is a really gnarly cover of Lights, Camera, Action! I've heard on Reddit. Really nice.

  3. Just played polyphia songs and stuff bro, tried to compose my own things early on aswell.

  4. new to guitar this would be considered finger style due to not using a pick correct?

  5. Thank you ! I have youtube channel if you wanna see more of my stuff :)

  6. Sounds pretty good bro, u got a youtube channel or sumthin?

  7. hey thanks man! i do but i don't rly post on there i mostly just post guitar stuff on my ig which is @1lowqan . and i mainly make beats which is @loqinbeats on instagram where i post clips from the beats i post on beatstars.

  8. Hey man went ahead an removed this since its not directly Berried Alive. I understand is has Berried’s influence but since its not their own we’re taking it down. Sounds really good though! Excellent job.

  9. Oh ok no prob bro, just thought the peeps on here would like it. I've got some berried solo covers in the works though, can I post those?

  10. As long as it doesn’t come off as an ad and doesn’t promote your direct page or anything

  11. Nah nah ofc not bro. It won't feel like promotion u got my word

  12. Look at my clothes and hair, they flow normally because it's not sped up. My hands look glitchy both because the camera is capturing at a low frame rate and because they're actually moving really quickly because this is a fast riff.

  13. Effortless. Love it. Sick tone, per usual. The hard edit was a nice touch.

  14. Thanks so much my friend ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

  15. The worst party about Polyphia is that all these young musicians growing up with their tech influence are so much better guitarists than my old ass. 😆

  16. Haha thanks bro, no we are just better at different stuff. I'm sure I couldn't play half of the things you do.

  17. Cool! You gonna catch them this tour? I'm going in April

  18. You’re pretty awesome yourself! The finger style is very refreshing. And intimidating. And inspiring. Good work!

  19. I don't know if you've heard any of the xbox minigame tracks, but I would pay to hear Agile Accelerando cover on a guitar.

  20. whoa super cool cover!! you managed to make an already groovy song like 10 times more groovy. looking forward to your future stuff

  21. Hey thanks bro ! I have lots and lots of more stuff in the pipeline but most of it isn't city pop arrangments. I play and listen to a diverse range of music so I do alot of stuff not just city pop, but I def will do more stuff like this in the future :)

  22. Thanks for posting. First time listener, will definitely be on the lookout for more.

  23. I'm glad you enjoyed it bro! If you feel like checking out more of my stuff I've got a youtube channel aswell :)

  24. Very much in the style of mfg, nice :)

  25. Sure is! He's such an awesome player and I felt like trying to make a riff out of almost entirely tapping harmonics so here we are. I'm glad you liked it bro :)

  26. What song is this from? Just started listening to them, sounds sick!

  27. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Erb5orOD2-w&list=PLA6CuAOySN0cvWNZbK-IJ46RO5H3MjCcr&index=7&ab_channel=TimHenson

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