1. 2/6/96 and it's not even remotely close, assuming I can extend your question to "Dave" shows. I was at Radio City, the semi-famous Boone show (3/29/03), Caravans, been to the Gorge for some pretty intense weekends, tons of SPAC shows, but that one takes the cake for me. Nothing would touch that. It's been almost 30 years since that mid 90s D&T run and I'm still upset I didn't go to shows in that era.

  2. Strangely good answer. Without looking at DMBAlmanac, my gut says they've never opened with it full band? Completely unsure.

  3. Dave opened night 3 of Gorge in 2014 by playing it solo but it was a full band show. That was one of the years they did 2 Sets and it was the opening of the acoustic set.

  4. Yeah, I remember that. Just meant full band full band.

  5. 21.2 mpg. Now that's something I haven't seen in a loooong time haha. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

  6. I was getting hostility from you. I suspect others were seeing it too. Like sarcasm, people often have trouble discerning between curt questions, blunt questions, and rhetorical (dismissive) questions.

  7. That's the only rationale I can use to explain the vitriol. I genuinely can't see how it was interpreted that way, but so be it. I understand that people have different dynamics with online communication that are often lost in this medium.

  8. More dismissive, which tech people take as worse.

  9. Fair enough. Glad we got somewhere back to something resembling an actual conversation. As for the mob, oh well. I've got a thick skin. Just concerns me that it seems to be the default reaction to anything even slightly displeasing these days. Especially in scenarios where highly impressionable people might be the target.

  10. GT3RS with Weissach Package, nice spot! Pretty car. Don't think I could ever pull off bronze wheels but they look nice with the black.

  11. Have an RS7 and a GT3, which is at least a reasonable comparison. I drive the GT3 unless it's snowing hard, I physically cannot fit the people/things I need, or I'd just prefer to be low key for whatever reason.

  12. Was lucky enough to be at App State and Radio City. Loved them, but would trade both of those shows to have been at Luther. It's just a masterpiece start to finish.

  13. I'm confused, I keep seeing people say there's no value in being a member. I've been a Dave fan for a long time and recently discovered the warehouse and use it to get tickets. It's 100 percent worth it. You get great seats to shows!! Maybe cause I live in LA and tickets sell out in like 10 minutes, I've scored great seats at face value.

  14. You're one of the lucky ones I guess. In well over 20 years and literally hundreds of ticket requests, I can remember exactly two instances where I got really great seats. I've had a few that were solid as well, but most of the time it's flat out declined or back of the venue.

  15. We're in a climate emergency and OP is jacking themselves off for buying a machine that just adds fuel (literally) to the fire.

  16. I concur, I have a 2014 Porsche and a 21 and the 14 is more solid and has better overall quality feel. My buddy got a CX-5 a year or so ago, and it's impressive, the interior design quality gives cars of significantly higher brand image a run for their money.

  17. Samurai Cop is a beautiful song about the wonder of childhood and the feelings of becoming a parent. I don’t know if you’re a parent, but I am and I think that the lyrics capture so many of the emotions of parenthood very well. The music is simple, and it allows the lyrics to shine.

  18. Sweet is very much in the same spirit, but it doesn’t speak to me in the same way. Ultimately, we all all like different stuff, and that’s beautiful.

  19. Fair enough. In the immortal words of Kit Kat Jam:

  20. Was at both of those shows! Have the coffin poster hanging in my house, but haven't ever put this one up. Maybe I'll work it in.

  21. aw, lucky you, I was only at this one night but that coffin poster is so rad

  22. I actually lucked out and got one of the silver bordered ones too! Loved that weekend. Went to the three previous shows in that trip McCaw x2 and Denver. Made a whole journey out of it. Great times!

  23. This is the best Raven in my eyes. Miss the old chord shapes. Whole show was great!

  24. I've never understood it either. I really think it adds a nice element to the song. More fun to play it that way too imo.

  25. I just want to imagine the “high” of getting not 1, but 3 new cars in such a short timeframe 😮‍💨

  26. Like anything else, it all fades pretty quickly if you're not really passionate about it. Ties pretty directly into "money can't buy happiness". If you're otherwise happy, it's a really nice stretch of time until you become used to the cars. If you're happy and also really passionate about the cars, then you'll go from euphoria to general, sincere enjoyment.

  27. Samurai Cop. The lyrics are crap and it's so repetitive, but people seem to love it for some inexplicable reason. To each their own I suppose.

  28. There's a lot of variables at play. If you're 22 and you just got your first job with no other real savings, buying a car @ 100% of your annual gross salary is pretty unreasonable; no argument there.

  29. I wanted to say "each" but I expected someone to be like "akshully!". My gut/experience aligns with roughly that estimate. Kids aren't cheap. Also they are very difficult to drive on a track.

  30. That's a Taylor for you. Although Ill disagree and say they can be too bright when strumming, particularly if it's a maple or something (my primary acoustic is a 614e). I wasn't particularly a fan of the Taylor when Dave used it, but part of that comes down to the mixing as well so not all the fault of the Taylor. The Chet was the quintessential DMB sound IMO and I do miss it, but it also suffered from a being really bright and punchy in the mix. I think it needed a lot of EQ and effects (mainly reverb). Would love to hear how it would sound in today's modern mix and stage technology.

  31. The Lakewood from Luther in combination with that mix is absolute bliss. Absolutely nothing has ever sounded so good to me in terms of acoustics. So much so that I reached out to the Lakewood CEO and he gave me the exact specs of Dave's. Was planning on ordering one but never got around to it. Might turn that into a Christmas gift to myself.

  32. An M-32. Martin Seeliger from Lakewood sent me the absolute closest facsimile that you can order today. If you're interested in the specs he sent me, send me a DM and I can get you the PDF. It's been a year or two, but as I recall, there were only a couple of small differences. Mainly the color of the pick guard (tortoise vs. black ebony vs. black plastic) and the wood on the neck.

  33. Most of their albums have some "making of" footage, here are two from BTCS

  34. These are the only two I'm aware of that actually show footage of the actual band in the studio during the sessions. I'd love to see the other ones you have! Please link them!

  35. Absolutely not under any circumstances. The R8 was my dream car. I specifically loved the 2017 refresh and I knew every single option I wanted. I was absolutely convinced I was going to buy it.

  36. Have a '16 RS7. Few things to consider. Brakes are EXPENSIVE. You're looking at a few grand for steels and more than that if you ever need to replace ceramics.

  37. Sheesh I’m sitting around a 450 mile range with my Vette’s 18 gallon tank and I thought that was pretty decent, how far did the GT3 have to work with?

  38. Regular GT3 with 23.7 gallon tank checking in. If you really try (why would you?) you can get 16-17 mpg in real world driving. I average 10-12 when driving on the street, and I don't drive like a maniac at all.

  39. Jesus lol, kinda expected a little better from an NA engine but I guess it’s a bit high strung? 25 mpg is my average and that’s a lot lower than C6s/C7s are capable of. Engines are weird

  40. High strung is an accurate description. I don't really know how to describe it, but 4500 RPM feels like 1200 feels in most cars. That's kinda the baseline. The car feels happiest between 5500 and 9000, which is obviously not ideal for gas mileage. Even with only 6 cylinders, it's a bit of a hog. The electronically calculated miles with a full 23.7 gallon tank are mid 200s at best.

  41. This absolutely has to be in the running. I can't fathom liking that song. It's brutal.

  42. I dislike most of that song, but I like the outro.

  43. Somewhat related question: with regard to URLs that aren't on the list, do they enforce that with a technical control that prevents you from loading other sites, or is it like "welp, you loaded google, you fail"?

  44. Chassis 7171, very nice spec. As of October it has a new owner in Pennsylvania. It was previously in Canada since new.

  45. There's something at least a little creepy about knowing that.

  46. You have it backwards. Going from faang/big tech back to another industry is not going back to real work.

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