1. "I had a big session with my therapist yesterday, and I realize that I had kind of strong armed her into doing this. She tried to say no. That she would be too busy with her own wedding to give me the time and attention I needed, but I convinced her that it would be fine and that I wanted her to be a big part of my day. I think that she's a fucking adult and could have said no, but what to I know?"

  2. See in this I felt sorry for the OOP because I am pretty awful at picking up hints and stuff, so when the friend is using excuses instead of just actually saying no, I get her frustration because I possibly wouldn’t pick it up either.

  3. They might pull their financial support but since our wedding is not expensive at all it really doesn’t matter. My fiancée is supportive of me refusing to change the date but willing to change if I want to, idk how my sister’s fiancé feels about the whole thing. I don’t actually know if this is worth possibly destroying my relationship with my family over, I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out now.

  4. Have you ever spoken to your family about how they favour your sister? I think that you need to before making any decisions. You have to lay out how hurtful it is that they let your sister away with this and that their actions over the years have harmed your relationship.

  5. I think the fact that she wrote this letter at all is a massive red flag tbh, it doesn’t really strike me as all that appropriate to be putting her feelings onto you before you’ve even moved in. Will she take your moving in as some kind of indication you like her too?

  6. NTA - Dressing appropriately for an event is a thing. Just wearing the thong itself isn’t an issue but if he wore it with the purpose of it being seen then I’d say that’s probably not that appropriate for meeting your partners family.

  7. The dude walked in the bathroom while she was in the shower on another occasion. Who the fuck does that?!!?

  8. Got to be honest, who doesn’t lock their bathroom door? It would be easy to walk in on someone if you didn’t know they were in their and weren’t especially paying attention I.e looking at your phone or something.

  9. When you are in a hotel room, you can hear the shower on and also ... it's a hotel room.

  10. You can’t always hear the shower, I have been in plenty where you don’t and like I say, if you aren’t paying attention you wouldn’t hear it.

  11. I once signed an email off with "kind retards" instead of "kind regards". Thankfully everyone saw the humour and appreciated that 'g' and 't' are too close on the keyboard for comfort.

  12. One day I was sending an email to a colleague in a different part of the Uni where I worked and she had asked how we were doing and I replied “I’m very busty today” instead of busy. Fortunately she was a nice woman and we had a good laugh about it.

  13. Not creepy at all and in their case their list wasn’t really full of expensive stuff, I mean a blanket, mini eggs, gel pens and essential oils were never breaking the 40 dollar budget so it’s reasonable they’d get most of what they wanted.

  14. YTA - You aren’t paying rent so you don’t have the right to tell anyone where they can/can’t sit or restrict the use of a living room space.

  15. That woman was autistic and it was her home office which she required to WFH. It was her safe space in her home. The father was supposed to fix up the basement for his son to have a bedroom but hadnt bothered to. He had been moving his stuff in for almost a year and had plenty of time to ready the basement for his son. The woman said she may in time be able to move her office to the basement instead so his son could have that room. He was also living there rent free assuming as she owned the house he didnt have to pay her anything for him and his son. He paid a bit of the bills and some groceries.

  16. That’s not right. The office was agreed upon as the sons bedroom which was ready to move into, but the woman reneged on that and came up with the basement. The bf was never expected to fix that basement up.

  17. I think this is hard to know without knowing the other side of the conversation or the context in which it was said. There are many ways this could be meant, his brother might have been joking around and he was deadpanning along with it, he might mean it and be a monster. We just can’t tell.

  18. Indeed he is immature. He said he doesn’t want me to leave because he is afraid that I will be able to find a better man. Good to hear that I’m a coward, while everyone around me is asking me to give my marriage another chance.

  19. You might not want to hear this but this woman has not caused you havoc. Has she behaved questionably? Maybe. But it was your ex-boyfriend who chose to have sex with her. You don’t even get to claim your ex-husband because he was already your ex.

  20. No, this is very much a her problem as much as it is an ex husband problem. People who are willing to cheat with those in relationships are trash and it doesn’t take saying a vow to make someone responsible for their behaviour to others - we all have done duty not to hurt people if we can avoid it.

  21. Yes you might be right. But it's been years and hope seem to be foolish at this point. In fact, hope is foolish and I have some good time without it sometimes, until the next panic attack strikes me down.

  22. You said that no help is coming, it’s kind of true, you have to go find it, look for it, make it happen. Do you get any medical help for how you feel? Especially the panic attacks? If not, you should start there - that’s where I went first.

  23. Furthermore, I'm in a social isolation. For my 22 that I lived, my family was shitting on me especially my dad. My relatives despise me, my friends are brushing my shit off when I try to share, and everyone that I've ever cared about before either fucked up my life or left me because he/she was hurt around me.

  24. Well that might be true or it might be that in your head you believe this to be true but it’s not.

  25. I think that body counts do matter a bit. Not in a judgemental way but it can indicate a difference in how you both value sex and your views on it.

  26. Apparently step mom isn't a person and she's not allowed to make mistakes, I apologize for not suggesting OP run away and go NC from her dad and stepmonster and make her own way in life at 16 like this sub seems to always jump to.

  27. I genuinely think stepparents aren’t considered as people with actual feelings on this sub. They are expected to just accept whatever shit the kids give them, yet care for them as thought they were their own.

  28. Imagine telling someone they're an asshole because no one will replace their parent in their heart. I've been the step parent. I never expected my step kids to treat me the same as their bio dad, because (spoiler alert) I wasn't their bio dad. OP was put in a shitty position by someone who was supposed to be a mature adult, and said adult reacted poorly.

  29. That’s not why she is an ah. She is an ah because she is mean to her and does things to exclude her and purposely hurt her.

  30. I don’t think this is that bad. As some have sad, some guys are pushy so giving something that’s not special like IG, is a replacement for the number. If her IG has a lot of pictures of you and her together, it helps enforce the “I’ve got a boyfriend and am not interested” picture as well.

  31. None of these people sound particularly great. You’ve dumped the gf but what about the bf who was also sitting badmouthing you?

  32. ESH - I think (from what you’ve said) that the way you framed it was more “I think your rule is dumb” rather than “I think your rule wouldn’t work for me” Your opinions on her life aren’t any more valid than her opinions on yours.

  33. Her coworkers not Medusa, a little self reflection about her rules won't kill her

  34. Why? If she and her bf are fine with them then what’s the issue?

  35. I’m a 44 year old woman who is not fond of kids, never changed a baby and hopefully will never have to.

  36. Depends on the meeting. If he’s presenting or interviewing or something, then being gone for a few mins is a big deal. Other meetings, it’s not so much.

  37. Well tbf i dont think it had to do with the royalty part of it. She was the very highly visable other woman in a marriage that one person was beloved by millions the world over.

  38. Diana was none of those things. She was as bad an adulterer as Charles was.

  39. This is why copyright violations get away with it so well, because few people have the resource or will to fight it.

  40. Where did he say that he was throwing away his children? If anything she is breaking the family by not communicating to the husband and discussing. You are making assumptions that are quite frankly outrageous.

  41. By jumping straight to divorcing his wife. That has massive consequences on the lives of his kids.

  42. Not just take agency away from him… but treated those girls like shit when they didn’t do anything wrong. They’re actual living breathing human beings who she was fine with hurting because she didn’t like how they fit her life. Be mad at your husband for donating or wanting to meet them, fine. Whatever. But those kids are innocent.

  43. I’m not sure I agree the girls didn’t do anything wrong tbh. I don’t think it’s right or fair to suddenly call up strangers one day and say “I’m your donor baby”.

  44. I have my assessment in three weeks, this is my immediate plan once I get a diagnosis.

  45. Most Unis will have a disability office. Go speak to them and find out what support you can get. I will say that UK universities do try to do quite a lot to support students who need it but you have to go speak to them.

  46. The only accusation was that OOP had a crush on the guy previously, not that they even had a previous relationship.

  47. They way they did it at that party made it sound like it was recent though the “Oh you’ve finally gotten over it” like she had it all the time she was with him.

  48. It could be but it could also be other things. Do you find you have other symptoms of ADHD?

  49. NTA - Against the grain here I know but as woman who has (for now undiagnosed) ADHD this could very much be me. Household tasks are actually super hard to get done and the whole assumption that difficulties with things is some kind of weaponised incompetence Is toxic, the sister has no idea what the issues are and is making baseless claims.

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