1. This is genuinely intriguing, specially if FTR lose and they put the Gunn over strong. Tho if they win it'll be a pretty strong indication that they signed new contracts with AEW, so in the end it's more a contract signing then a match

  2. I have it at about 80-20% in favor of FTR, but will be very nervous seeing that match lol

  3. The stipulation definitely took a good chunk out of my confidence that FTR re-signed.

  4. You think AEW would bring FTR back for just one match?

  5. Messi scored a hat-trick and had an assist, a 10.0 ranking on the apps, reached 100 goals, but feels kind of disappointing... all because he did everything in the first half.

  6. For the good showings he has given, I would hope he just ended his contract. I don't like the idea of influencers just coming into the business and wrestling 1-2 matches a year, always on the biggest stages.

  7. Didn’t he give Brock v Finn 5*? I’m pretty sure he did.

  8. "Bryan Danielson is the greatest professional wrestler of all time." Damn righ he is

  9. He’s not even in many top tens any more

  10. I would be careful with the owner of the flag and the doll...

  11. What's the doll? I know both flags but the doll (apart from being weird) I'm assuming has a deeper (problematic?) meaning!

  12. Oh, I meant the flag on the doll, I'm sorry. But judging by the rest, maybe the doll has a talking button that just says racist stuff

  13. Going to be an interesting few weeks coming up. Could be FTR? Could be... idk what if Punk Is the go to and this is all just one big swerve? Not sure. We shall see

  14. Maybe FTR/Punk, but yeah, with the things that happened that might get scraped lol.

  15. I'm all for the Elite not being the attackers.

  16. Ooooh Mox is pissed. This does not bode well for Punk returning, because if Mox is pissed at you, good luck with anyone who wasn't your buddy-buddy before not giving you the side eye. And not because Mox does backstage politics, but because he doesn't. He pretty much carried the company after what's-his-dick buried it, and he carried it well. No money in the world is worth the kind of shitshow the locker room would be.

  17. Exactly. I've never seen Mox have a problem with somebody. He just wants to wrestle.

  18. Correct. They were effectively neutral, but leaned towards the Allies and helped many people get out of Europe.

  19. We did not leaned towards the Allies. We helped the Nazis first and then the Allies, lol. Salazar was a fascist and a coward.

  20. They love pretending their states are each as different as countries lol so many countries have states but none of them are this delusional about it

  21. I mean, and you could, because Wales, Scotland and England are actually countries, although not independent


  23. AEW Tony Khan vs. ROH Tony Khan for the booker of the year award

  24. Hate really does make this man unstoppable

  25. Of course he gets the entire blame of us going out. I guess the other 22 players played perfectly well and didn't do anything wrong on the field.

  26. Oh the heat BCC will get for brutalizing these guys will be brilliant.

  27. It's worth looking up, he had a great gimmick going.

  28. I'm sure Messi is more of an hero in Argentina than Ronaldo is in Portugal.

  29. I mean, Kenny said as much in the Renee podcast. He came back from a hiatus getting rehab and working on the AEW video game, when he came back the vibes were weird, his friends got called out after All Out, he accompanies his friends (apparently with legal rep Megha as well), a fight went down between Punk and the Bucks that he tried to break up and got bitten. One Renee's pod, he said that to him it was on paper like a fight in a locker room of a sports team between teammates but obviously it was shameful because it negatively affected a huge company.

  30. I guess he recognizes Mox as a pro but didn't like his atitude about that match

  31. Without part-timers/celebrities (Cena, Rock, etc.), I believe last year, Tribal Chief Roman Reigns vs. The Ace Jon Moxley would be gigantic.

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