1. Couple of quick comments. Something looks "funny" in the film gate -- be sure of threading and top loop and bottom loop. Clean belts and pulleys with denatured alcohol (isopropyl if denatured not available). You can remove belts and use soap and water if no alcohol available (not preferred). Get the gook off the belts and pulleys. Check film gate/claw area. Be sure projector is set on correct Regular 8 or Super 8 if there is a setting. Should easily come off front/right side reel and lightly pull on left side take up. I would practice with junk film. Look at perforations on film -- not torn?

  2. Explain to me like I’m five. I’m very new to this stuff 😅

  3. Have you changed the belts? They're probably,slipping and causing you issues.

  4. I love it!! I like that you left the texture of the paint and didn't smooth it all out.

  5. I think it’s meant as a compliment. There is an art technique called “impasto”, where the artist deliberately uses thick layered paint. Jackson Pollock is well-known for this!

  6. There’s definitely been worse films made surrounding the Beatles’ music (the 1978 Sgt. Pepper musical), but Yesterday’s biggest issue is just how generic it ends up being. I like the concept - a man wakes up in a universe where he’s the only person who remembers their catalogue of material. But it ends up being more of an interesting idea than the direction the film ends up taking, which is the by-the-numbers rise to stardom we’ve seen before. There’s also plenty of modern references to social media and other pop stars… Ed Sheeran’s cameo ends up becoming a supporting role because of how often he appears.

  7. I didn’t mind Sgt. Pepper myself. It’s not a movie I’m going to defend, because it definitely has its flaws, but I thought it was a cute movie.

  8. Where is “Spaceballs 2: The Search For More Money”?

  9. Who hates it? I love it, and I’m going to sing it for a school solo!

  10. No offense, but the whiteboard makes it look like you're in grade 2.

  11. None taken. I’m a senior in high school, it’s my teacher that overdecorates the room lol

  12. Age of consent in the UK in the 1950’s was 17 and they changed it to 16 not crazy long ago. Yeah. They aren’t from the U.S.🤣

  13. “They think your haircuts are un-American”

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