1. Yea these people are a little slow at recognizing a joke

  2. This is 100% true. Woke used to be basically a synonym for SJW, after SJW became cringe to use thanks to the usual suspects overusing it.

  3. Weird that your language keeps getting used by the right wing. In the words of The Onion: "Why do these homosexuals keep sucking my cock?"

  4. As far as I know he didnt incite violence. But if I did it, please share the court ruling.

  5. Where's the court ruling on Kanye inciting violence?

  6. Kanye exercised his free speech and is rightly getting trashed for it. I see no no issue with how Twitter handled this.

  7. People and companies will forget when there is money to be made

  8. They will not forget when their brand is being endlessly damaged by association. No real brand advertises on InfoWars.

  9. I have over 5 million followers on other social media platforms and I did not want to join a platform that seems pretty happy to ban people, simple as that.

  10. I have 5 million followers. They live in Canada, you wouldn't know them.

  11. Just play scarlet witch or rhino on that spot if you don't like it. I don't have a deck without one of those two.

  12. Friend, I tried to watch that episode, and after a few minutes, just skipped to the Dooku ones. I'm just oversaturated at this point.

  13. I would have just said whatever and told her it was on me that day and done our right now recovery option, especially if I was busy or she was holding up the line behind her in the process. I don’t do this for every customer who comes in and is short, especially if they are being rude. I also don’t do it for kids either or lord knows how often I’d have to comp a refresher or frapp because they don’t have enough money

  14. Do not recover the drink of someone being shitty. You're training them to be shitty.

  15. No, I believe she called a number, since the time from her leaving in anger/disbelief, and the time of her re-entry was around 4-6 minutes, I think. It felt like it anyways.

  16. Never pay out of your own pocket. Use Right Now Recovery or just cancel the order after the stickers print.

  17. i cut it in the most unhinged way when they ask for it. never gotten complains bc it is in fact cut but like vertically instead of horizontal on paninis

  18. This game is like an ad watching simulator.

  19. I hate this. Starbucks is not good coffee - my recommendation is you go to a local shop and get a much better roast of coffee.

  20. Why are you on the starbucks reddit if youre gonna complain about the coffee 😵‍💫

  21. I know someone that worked at Starbucks that would “decaf” people she didn’t like, this person admitted to it while working with me (not a food job), made me not trust her, that’s for sure. Just don’t mess with anyone’s orders, please.

  22. Nobody at the executive level has any idea what it is like being a barista.

  23. It's written by a communications team whose every member makes at least twice what we make.

  24. I mean to be realistic, Starbucks can’t control the supply chain globally. That would be insane. The supply chain is very complex itself and so many factors go into play. Most stores in my area are having limit of things we can buy because of the supply chain issues not just Starbucks itself. Basically, there’s nothing that can be done overnight. It takes time. What we get and what we don’t is unpredictable for each store. I appreciate Starbucks added the feature where we can mark out a specific item (like oat milk) and they will make anything with that milk unavailable. I agree, it’s extremely frustrating. Especially the cheap version of bags and lids. Those are purely awful.

  25. This is why they needed to streamline the menu to focus on products they COULD get or to be able to create more sources for that product. The menu is too big as it is, but in an environment with unpredictable supply chains you narrow things down to the stuff you feel like you can depend on receiving.

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