Angelina Jolie accused of emotionally abusing Brad Pitt

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  1. And yes, I did write down her info to ensure I never shop for this lady EVER.

  2. I picture someone in a dark cave-like home with all the curtains drawn watching the website like a creepy stalker as you shop. You know how some people think the zombie apocalypse is coming so they set up multiple computer and TV screens for updates?

  3. The best part of this app is the ability to drop an idiot. I’ve only done it once after I sent an intro intro text and she sent back a list of very stupid “rules” I was supposed to follow. I replied “Sounds great!“ then messaged support. It was an iffy order for 50 annual flower and herb plants at Meijer, which is unique, but I’m an avid gardener so I thought it might be fun. The next weekend the same exact order popped up on metro again so I guess no one wanted to put with her bullshit that day.

  4. I have a theory that my ADHD brain is so busy being a mess, making me the least observant person I know…but I can also read minds. Well, not actually read minds. I may not notice if someone is wearing a chicken costume but I’ll be able to read their social cues and body language and know what they’re feeling and sometimes thinking.

  5. My mom swears naming a pet after a previous pet is bad luck.

  6. Old post was my dad named all his cats Jack the Cat. My dad passed away and I inherited Jack the Cat VI. That asshole cat hated my guts for a good few weeks until he decided I was just as trainable as my dad, I guess. Anyway, Jack and I became bffs and when Jack passed away I was devastated. I adopted another kitty because I love cats and have always had two or three who owned me at any given time in my life and her name is Jack the Cat VII. She’s also an asshole but she decided she was ok with me immediately. I now have four wonderfully high-maintenance cats but Jack is secretly one of my horcruxes because we just have that bond, you know?

  7. Is there a general consensus in the sub about where Kristin is possibly located? I’ve recently returned and haven’t really seen anything posted yet.

  8. Bold of you to assume someone will sleep with her. You actually have to leave your house to meet someone to impregnate you in most cases 😂

  9. There’s a lot of desperate people out there and she only becomes ugly when she starts talking. Maybe she’ll be quiet as a mouse as she tries to seduce some poor sap

  10. I think she photoshopped it to appear bigger…..they don’t look that big in person

  11. That looks terrifyingly gigantic to me. I’m not a large person and don’t have a lot of room for extra stuff down there

  12. Maybe she got sick of having to maintain a perfect Jesus-person lifestyle and wanted some excitement in her life. Excitement being working for an online boutique…but hey, it’s more fun than raising 20,000 kids

  13. There’s a Taco Bell by me that’s been closing at 2pm daily because no one will work there. You know what makes people want to show up to work? Money. Give people a decent amount of money and your store will open

  14. There is absolutely no way I would even consider doing this. None. Zero. “No” is a complete sentence.

  15. I did this for years when I worked for other people. If it was pointed out I just said I’d consider doing more if the pay increased. I got fired a bunch of times but I was ok with that

  16. At the time of hiring, I was clear that I was only to be responsible for my work, which wasn’t “time sensitive.” I was hired to manage after-the-fact back end research. She’s added three other “duties” to my job since, two of which require me to constantly be aware of the operational status of critical apps and respond within minutes.

  17. Someone has to be singing like a canary by now. Melania? She has to be scared for her own well-being, unless she’s also a vile human being. Ivanka? She seems the type to want to save her own behind and throw Dad to the wolves. Tiffany doesn’t know shit. Don Jr is too stupid to be of use.

  18. Melania made a statement on the matter:

  19. She’d have to say something like that to not draw suspicion. She’s probably scared out her mind

  20. I guess you’re too young to remember when stuff like this dominated the printed media in grocery stores and tens of millions of people had whole magazines lying around their houses devoted to celebrity drama. A 2-week long internet court case like JD/AH? Man, I felt like the Pitt/Aniston breakup was in my face for over a decade. If it sells magazines, or clicks, tabloids don’t let stuff die. Everybody is always looking for another Depp/Heard, ever since, like, the Antony and Cleopatra days.

  21. The tabloids used to be brutal! I grew up reading them and love celebrity gossip to this day. But pull an Enquirer from 1992 and you’ll discover the world was a different place

  22. I’m leaning towards the idea that these two became codependent on each other and enjoyed the self-created drama. We know he drank. I have a soft spot for alcoholics because I’m related to 400 of them and nearly became one myself but navigating life with them sucks. He drank to escape, she was confused and probably made stuff worse, intentionally or not. Throw that all together and I just hope the kids are ok

  23. I haven’t watched this season but shit like this makes me want to start

  24. Wanting to be a mom and being ready are two different things

  25. I hope the kid has a mom otherwise we’re talking some weird test tube shit

  26. Only the snarkers and shit posters should be allowed to produce. The show is supposed to be entertaining not a social justice crusade

  27. So the new contract now requires them to wait 3 months or so after the season airs before they can start doing ads?

  28. I don’t think this is unpopular per se.. and not really bachelor related but it really grinds my gears when there’s a post aimed at specific individuals and then someone comes in and says like “neither” or “I don’t do that”. For example, “which BN people are fun to follow on IG?” “I don’t follow anyone they suck”. Ok? Or “for the moms out there, were you sure you wanted to be a mom?” “I would never bring a child into this world”. Like… this post isn’t for you then?! It’s like me saying “hey! Vanilla or chocolate ice cream?” And someone being like “ew, ice cream sucks and would never eat it.” 🙄 You have literally contributed nothing to the conversation.

  29. There are too many people on reddit who think people care about their opinions yet provide no backing for said opinion. You hate ice cream? (Ok that’s fucking weird and we can’t be friends) at least tell me why so I understand your point of view

  30. I’m convinced that a lot of y’all have no fashion sense/ know what’s actually in style, but LOVE shitting on Cary for what the women are wearing. So many comments about Rachel’s red puffy sleeve dress, puffy sleeves are IN!! Yesterday there was a post asking if sequins were back in style??? Baby they never left!!! ESPECIALLY for evening/formal wear.

  31. Am I a style icon? No. Can I tell when someone’s wearing something unflattering? Yes. Or when they feel uncomfortable in their outfit? Yes.

  32. I’ve followed her for years and she seems like the same person she was when her first album came out. She’s also so pretty. I adore her

  33. I’ve been feeling extra ADHD-y lately. Why am I like this? Why can’t I just be normal? What’s it like to have a brain that doesn’t fight you every fucking hour of every fucking day? Why is it so easy for everyone else while I feel like I’m treading water with large bricks tied to my neck AND the sharks have noticed and are swimming by waiting for me to finally give up?

  34. Why do cats love that banana? One of my cats isn’t in to the nip but she still loves the naner

  35. I really love the drop necklace. It looks like it was made to go with your dress. But you’ll be a gorgeous bride in either!

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