1. What a pisstake. They should've thought about that before speeding in their car. Why are they allowed to do this?

  2. It actually is. It's layman speak for a statutory crime, which means intent is irrelevant and only the action need be proven.

  3. You're right, I mixed up my terms. Strict liability is what I meant. IANAL. Just someone who follows law as a hobby.

  4. What about a woman having sex with someone under the age of consent - I thought that would be automatic statutory rape when the adult is male, as the child is unable to consent.

  5. If a person has "consensual" sex with someone aged between 13 and 15, then the offence regardless of gender is

  6. Well, not exactly. If a man was being penetrated by a child under the age of 13 it would also be causing or inciting etc, rather than rape. The distinction doesn't appear to be one of gender but of who is being penetrated.

  7. Correct. The assumption in my comment was that the woman would be the penetrated party but the man would be the penetrator, as that's the assumption in the comment I was replying to, but I've changed my comment to make the position clearer hopefully.

  8. Part of the “kill the bill” is to compare the standard to an equally trained officer, as opposed to a careful and competent driver. Obvious reasons, a careful and competent drive wouldn’t go through red lights but a response trained officer would etc etc.

  9. What I don't understand is why it will only apply to police officers rather than other emergency services too!

  10. The best is the vagrancy act... people still get "deemed a rogue and a vagabond" you literally get "given the title" as part of the punishment. Like a reverse knighthood.

  11. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-bill-2021-factsheets/repeal-of-the-vagrancy-act-1824-police-crime-sentencing-and-courts-act-2022-factsheet

  12. I don't think it's possible in the UK for a court to impose a lifetime driving ban on an individual. If it is possible then I think it should be used from time to time, especially for hit and run drivers as well as causing death whilst drunk.

  13. You’re right - there’s no legal exemption for you to cross a red.

  14. Am I right in thinking that, if you are directed to go through the red by a constable, no offence is commited?

  15. !thanks, so I can open more than one LISA account in a year as long as I fully transfer the contributions made in the one LISA account to the other LISA account?

  16. Sure it was gaviscon and not one of the signs of a stroke adverts?

  17. It's a trick guilty people can do to get out of hard jail time. Don't post bail, do easy time and plead not guilty, day before your trial you sack your brief and the trial gets postponed ad nauseum, then finally go to trial and plead guilty, 1/3 off your sentence immediately and whatever jail time has probably already been served, I don't know of many cases of this actually happening but my law teacher years ago told me that this would be the way to proceed if you're 100% guilty and it's easily proven

  18. As I understood it, protests in general are lawful, protected activities (or used to be!)

  19. That an activity is lawful does not equate to lawful authority to obstruct the highway by doing that activity.

  20. And then flipping it 180 degrees and it's still the wrong way.

  21. I have checked and there is paint on the ground but it's so faded I'm not actually sure if it once said no entry, missing the sign was just stupid of me however with me having little experience driving in the dark and heavy rain I made the mistake of looking too far ahead and not on the side of the road

  22. Do you mind posting the streetview link out of interest?

  23. This has appeal and retrial written all over it.

  24. Perverting the course of justice is a bit of a reach, I'd say. Someone ducks under the tape to take a shortcut home? Where's the intent?

  25. Out of interest, does a marked car qualify as a uniform, as S163 of the RTA states that a person must stop if required to do so by a constable in uniform - which wouldn't be visible to the driver in front?

  26. No action can be taken against them if they don't touch the money and report the error which is clearly what they are worried about.

  27. Haha, as it happens I misread your comment. So maybe tired, rather than dense. Though I did just have a big dinner.

  28. From what I understand in the report, they were flashing.

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