1. Usually payments are made twice a day but for first time users it might take a couple of days. Are you using the same address you used earlier?

  2. Because I've zero experience in the region and I want to try everything. Eventually I'll discover the meta tactics and it seems to be that not making them a vassal is the way to go. Shame about all of the dwarovar hating you but I guess it makes sense

  3. Play as dwarver adventurer and migrate to Dur-Vazhatun hold (surface hold on north of Serpentspine, close to Almhdir). Company of Duran Blueshield is the closest one at start date.

  4. Does it matter which dwarvern expedition you play as when you colonize a certain hold? Will I get their ideas or new ideas?

  5. By organizing a deathmatch between Hollywood and Bollywood. Each sends their best fighters to a neutral location and we watch them engage in mortal kombat.

  6. Fret for your figure and Fret for your latte and Fret for your lawsuit and Fret for your hairpiece and Fret for your Prozac and Fret for your pilot and Fret for your contract and Fret for your car

  7. Ever hunted snakes in the desert? This boy is going to get a regular taste of it

  8. Looks terrible. The name should be in Irish for a start. The logo looks just like that, a generic corporate logo.

  9. ‘Sacar Éire’ is just set up to be taken the piss out of though

  10. Sovkelqrkrh was never a threat to Cannor, Escann or Serpentspine nations in any of my runs, they lag behind on tech too much.

  11. What is the tech difference in military? They tend to be left behind. If you have strong allies it shouldn't really be an issue I think, at least it's not a roidraging centaur horde. I would fortify that border to hell though.

  12. Mil tech is plus 2. I have 12. Yeah I'm going to try and fortify it. I have an alliance with the Khugdihr dwarves so I'm hoping that might help

  13. Sounds like it has to be something with that second mod. What all does it do? Seems impossible that the AI could manage that.

  14. It triples the amount of ideas on offer. Adds new buildings, expands the amount of building slots in a provence, adds new estate mechanics, more decisions.

  15. Damn, that’s sounds pretty cool. Hope they get that bug fixed (if that is what’s causing it) because I might want to try that out sometime.

  16. You have the Homebrew submod and the Anbennar expanded Submod, from what I can tell the Homebrew submod is far more blanced so I would recommend that one over anbennar expanded.

  17. I am gonna miss Xyrella and Bru'kan a lot more than I will miss Guff thats for sure.

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