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  1. I think one of them is Dan Wooton, ‘journalist’.

  2. Dan Wooton is the biggest cunt around, absolute parasite!

  3. Sorry but what a bunch of dicks. They announced their strikes, people made plans around them, and now they've announced more including on Christmas Eve which may be the best time for many to travel due to being a Saturday. They'll loose the public support because of this.

  4. You're directing your anger at the wrong party. The railway company directors/execs/senior managers and our illustrious government are at the root of the whole shitshow.

  5. There’s only so much that can be directed at the government and train operators. The RMT are hardly angels. And it’s undeniable that they are using these new strikes to leverage public misery.

  6. I couldn’t agree more, I planned, booked and paid for all travel around the already announced strikes and these new strikes will likely make Christmas with the family impossible. Merry fucking Christmas!

  7. Get rid of long lines and I’ll agree to maybe get rid of mail in ballots. But then again a lot of the disabled rely on mail in.

  8. Perhaps that’s a they problem for the disabled?

  9. When did walking a dog become such a contentious issue? I’ve had a medium size dog for 10 years, walk him 3 times a day.

  10. Sorry to say it, but given the first 35 today, I think France will destroy us. Fingers crossed I’m wrong!

  11. Could they? Yes Will they likely win in the WC game today? No

  12. Young male teacher had sex with a 16yo pupil the night of our prom, I believe he still teaches at the school. Was around 2000

  13. Or how about the whole country send a clear message to the Tory party, that we’re sick of a decade of them destroying this country, by voting them out of office the next chance we get

  14. True, they did look exhausted. Also I thought so many times America would take advantage of holland playing back and passing back to the keeper so much was waiting for someone to intercept and slam it in the goal but nothing

  15. Just to manage your expectations, playing against a much better side like Holland (or even a equally skilled team), you will almost never “slam dunk” when intercepting a pass to their keeper

  16. Some would argue that Trump is signaling that devolution has taken place.

  17. It’s well written, but absolutely insane

  18. So when they do score it's a fluke! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  19. There’s no way he was trying to score!


  21. THEY CAN! They just miss every time

  22. Telling you though, again, this Dutch team is vulnerable in the back. We can open them up.

  23. Ha! The percentage of those who favor the US in this poll shows how the majority of Redditors are Americans.

  24. Exactly! Sadly for them, they only know about soccer, clueless when it comes to football

  25. Football is actually one of our most popular sports, you should see how big the super bowl is

  26. Is there a world cup sub that’s not full of idiots who know nothing about football like OP?

  27. Good news, there’s no hell, there’s no heaven, religion is all fairy stories made up to con people out of $$$

  28. the shouting at the game is fine. throwing his controller is not.

  29. Both make him a utter bellend

  30. Owner was negligent in not properly overseeing finances. This embezzlement should have been easily detected early if she was paying attention. A fool and their money.

  31. Yes let’s blame the victim. Smart and classy!

  32. A great advert for avoiding inbreeding

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