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  1. you can go ahead and try haha. some of the memes on this subreddit im not always on the 'know' about them

  2. The meme is saying that catholic school graduates believe they are the pinnacle of knowledge of Catholicism. The other jab is at tradcath discord users who believe themselves better versed in theology than many saints, priests and the pope

  3. Oh i understand. Thanks! There are actually people who put themselves above Doctors of the church purely because they favor the more traditional methods?

  4. Ahh, the "Minute Waltz". Amazing performance too!

  5. I actually have been able to play the organ up top numerous times. It is the Cadet Chapel organ at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

  6. I don't even understand what she is trying to point out. That she doesn't believe her story?

  7. I mean I guess technically if a priest did the whole transubstantiation song and dance over the raisin bread, sure. As others have pointed out, bread and wine are not automatically the body and blood of christ — they only become the body and blood of christ during the communion ritual (formally known as the liturgy of the eucharist, I believe. But it's been a long time since Catholic school, so I may be wrong about the name.)

  8. Catholicism steers away from using the word transform when talking about transubsantiation because the form does not change, the substance does, hence tran-*substantiate*. The original uses of the words come from the Aristotelian distinction between 'essential' and 'accidental' properties of things. Think of essential as essence. The essential substance of things are different from what they incidentally, or accidentally are. A car can be made of metal, but that is accidental to it being a car. For example, it is still a car regardless of the material.

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