1. Danny Ainge benefits from the Jazz getting worse and the Lakers getting better.

  2. wait how does he benefit from the lakers getting better?

  3. I get that Luka and Ky are 3-7, but I mean.. ya'll are getting ahead of yourselves, which is weird given how erratic West teams have been.

  4. I mean, sometimes parts of the body just say ‘fuck you’

  5. Yeah man. Exactly. I remember Richard Pryor's bit about his heart attack lol

  6. bro Pryor was a heavy drinker/smoker/drug user not the same. Ben has played 25% of the last 2 seasons

  7. lmao no i know, but drug addict or athlete, the body really just goes "fuck you" sometimes

  8. I know. I just thought fuck it I know how this will go.

  9. If sumama yung anak, the world will be better place.

  10. It's actually ironic that you felt this way since viewers like you are actually the ones the film is clapping back to.

  11. Viewers who designate movies as "trash" without even understanding what it's about and all the leg work put into it.

  12. Di naman ganun kahirap intindihin yung movie haha

  13. Marc Spears said weeks ago that the Bubble doesnt count but the Clippers shouldve won.

  14. nag resign ako last year para mag freelance na lang (muna) pero nung nabasa ko yung thread title loob loob ko shet gf ko ba to hahaha

  15. Kung okay naman pagiging freelance mo goods yan wala problema sa gf mo. Akin kasi nag freelance tapos kasama yung bestfriend nyang puro pangalong napako. Lahat ng trabaho nila naging for free especially yung graphic edits for government candidates 🥴

  16. Aw haha. Hey youre in a tough position but youre a grown woman and I believe alam mo na kailangan gawin

  17. Everytime I read... "The refs are doing their best. It's a tough job."

  18. Was bummed he became a bust. When I looked back at it now though, he did have a limited style of play.

  19. I remember how he hit three straight jumpers to start G5 of the 04 finals. For a second, I thought man will this be the Medvedenko game? lol

  20. sorry bro they've rested my fantasy spurs players way too many times I'm just salty

  21. They kinda slowed Malaki down. He was on a roll last month

  22. Real near autist NBA fans like myself will keep the names of niche random role players alive until we die. Been thinking of Vander Blue today myself

  23. STRAIGHT UP. The most recent random player I checked was Kenny Satterfield lol

  24. Klay has been unlikeable to me ever since he didnt shake hands in the 2016 finals.

  25. Klay has always been unlikeable. Im glad Im not that alone anymore lol

  26. Jalen himself is a wannabe. He wants people to know that he had it bad and that his youth were filled with gangsta shit.

  27. If you challenge his story you are a racist and a homophobe. We need to support this person, now more than ever.

  28. Youre being downvoted because the sarcasm is over-the-top, but I really heard that exact same statement on The View, The Talk, and The Real lol

  29. I love Josh Green because he won me money weeks ago.

  30. None of them can define it because it doesn't exist outside of Fox news

  31. kita ko misis ng tropa ko sa reddit nagsselfie lol

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