1. Think of all the coomers, porn stars and porn studios that'll be affected by this oppressive bill!!11

  2. God doesn’t command against premarital sex for nothing. If someone isn’t ready for a child, they shouldn’t risk having a child for sexual intercourse.

  3. The entire world should have shutdown travel. Diseases can spread overland from China to Europe, as they have historically, but Australia and the Americas could have stopped all travel between Eurasia.

  4. Pray tell, how do you prevent the spread of a ZOONOTIC disease by just shutting down international travel?

  5. So, there are these things called oceans. They’re quite effective at halting the spread of diseases.

  6. Wait until you find out that the Arctic ocean freezes for half the year, allowing animals to cross from Eurasia to North America... or that no ocean separates Africa from Eurasia.

  7. Anything and everything to prevent people from starting to grow up, no longer need or want to be spoon fed baby food by others about nutrition, start learning to take personal responsibility for themselves, and learn about ALL the different nutrients that 113+ years of nutritional science has discovered that we need good healthy amounts of for our bodies to function as well as they could, so that the population can finally start actually being healthy.

  8. This far too complex. I'd rather get jabbed repeatedly until I die, instead!

  9. I still wonder how people forgot that scientists are still just people, and people will always be corruptible. All they needed was for media to start writing "experts say..." everywhere and they all listened like lambs to the slaughter. Scary shit.

  10. The same people will make fun of religious people and say that Christians in particular are stupid for believing "Thus says the Lord." That's why I say that edgy, nihilistic atheists are in the cult of Scientism.

  11. Is that the same one Steve Kirsch bankrolled?

  12. Slightly related, Lance Reddick's official cause of death was given as ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, hardening of the arteries due to plaque build up basically. His family are disputing it because his diet was absolutely perfect and he was in impeccable shape, they know what's up but are probably afraid to say it outright.

  13. We have this amazing new thing called an air conditioner. Also, as someone who has lived in the south almost their entire life, summer nights are warm but typically no higher than the 70s overnight. But it's been getting increasingly warmer and for longer periods of time over the years so that might change in the near future.

  14. You're a literal Nazi, white supremacist, pro-Trump, Jan 6th insurrectionist Putinista!!11

  15. Great! I can't wait to be called antisemitic - yet again - for criticising the CDC director.

  16. Trump was how they pushed the injections through regulatory bodies, and how they captured those bodies so easily in the first place. He deregulated big pharma quicker than any Democrat could. The fact people here are defending him just goes to show how NPC-brained both partisan Republicans and Democrats are

  17. But, but, but he's the father of Warp Speed™ who literally saved trillions of lives!!!

  18. British Vazis, Masketeers and Lockdown Doomers are the dumbest twats in the West. They ignore the fact that BoJo was portrayed on TV as nearly dying from EbolAIDS-19 (good luck to those who actually bought into that obvious psyop) and then the same person ended up flouting his own government's rules despite widely claiming that anyone could be reinfected, and that noone was immune? How can any intelligent human being seriously think that a) BoJo was ever sick and b) he and his government genuinely thought that C19 was the Black Death redux they made it out to be?

  19. But there have been more mass shootings in the United States than there are days this year!

  20. Exactly! When you have a nebulously defined variable, you can engineer the statistics to your liking.

  21. People SERIOUSLY need to study basic statistics! These people greatly exaggerate the probabilities of being involved in "school shootings" and children dying from C19. This is what happens when you're chronically online and watch ZNN/MSDNC 24/7.

  22. Is this the same mid western doctor?

  23. How the heck did David Miranda fall for the Plandemic???

  24. Yeah, it's obviously a Vazi gr**mer LARPing as a 16 YO kid.

  25. This is literally the first time I've ever heard of an unvaccinated person getting multiple rounds of increasingly-worsening covid. It's almost always the vaccinated (who then get to claim thank god it could have been worse).

  26. What's even more unbelievable is that this is happening to a 16 YO kid! 😂😂😂

  27. Yes, the same billionaires that are behind Defund The Police©, The Climate Crisis™ and Defend Our Democracy® are also afraid of falling victim to the same rules, regulations and policies that they are actively funding.

  28. Unsubscribed during the pandemic. Garbage publication like all the rest.

  29. During the plandemic, I nuked my NatGeo, Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, New Scientist, NYT, LA Times... basically everything except The Financial Times and WSJ.

  30. Refusing a vaxx that neither prevents infection nor transmission, puts others at risk.

  31. ill never take another vaccine again and if i grace this cursed planet with my bloodline they won't be getting any vaccines either. fuck around and find out

  32. As a legacy antivaxxer, I predicted that the C19 reaction would generate a billion new antivaxxers, and 2-3 billion vaxx sceptics. 😂😂😂 They did all the hard work for those of us who've been antivaxxers for so many years before 2020.

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