1. Hmmm that should have done it as you see from the description under the setting. Mine turn off on dark scenes. Mine is full intensity and full brightness for games and video, not sure if that matters. Also under the advanced settings I have Dolby Vision Enhanced Capability on. Not sure if that matters either but I’m sure all options could potentially have an effect on this. I’d also try other videos just in case something is triggering the edges of the screen to have a lighting effect.

  2. Actually this helped out a lot! I turned on Dolby Enhanced then turned it back off and for some reason everything started working as it should.

  3. I’ve had a few white series. I love them.

  4. I only play live. I play every weekend at least once for the last 8 years give or take. Still haven’t seen anything over quads at my tables.

  5. I think you forgot to send me an invite!

  6. What’s unexpected is that two people have now found this unexpected.

  7. I was referring to OP and the person being filmed.

  8. Yeah I’m gonna say mostly the pedo texts. Guy is getting wasted and sexting underage girls. I think he calls it “getting schwifty.”

  9. If he really has a term for getting drunk and hitting on children, I don't think I ever care to see him again. Hopefully the DV charges get him locked up.

  10. This laptop will output to a TV and a different regular monitor, but not this ultra wide monitor.

  11. I had this same problem with my 2016 MacBook Pro and a super ultra wide. I fixed the problem but I can’t remember how. Have you tried doing an SMC and or NVRAM reset? Also maybe try connecting to a smaller monitor and changing the resolution to be something low, then raising it once it’s connected to the ultra wide. Another thing I can think of is using PBP on the monitor so it’s only using half the monitor, getting it to show up and then undoing PBP. I remember having to dick around a lot before I got mine to work. I was also going through a Lenovo thunderbolt dock though.

  12. OP has already admitted it was fake in the original post

  13. Yeah but who really reads the post anymore…. Obviously a lot of people.

  14. I fucking love when there’s a video posted and someone comes in and just lays the knowledge out about it.

  15. OP from the original post already admitted it was fake.

  16. I wish Tucker Carlson would stop talking about UFOs. Because he is such a chuckle head he delegitimizes any topic he discusses.

  17. Tucker is the most watched personality by both parties on cable so I commend him for consistently engaging the UAP topic!!

  18. I have no clue where you are getting these statistics. If the left watches him it’s for satire only.

  19. I understand how you feel being so white. I always tell people I can’t tan, I only have two colors. Caspar white or Lobster red.

  20. Right after he found out he got his secretary pregnant. This was the alternate version of money heist called inheritance heist.

  21. Fuck off outta here. That’s heaven on earth….

  22. This is the first Davidoff I’ve ever had. Picked it up at the local B&M after my most recent poker tournament victory at my local charity poker hall. Came home with more money than I left with the last 6 out of 7 times. Did I get a good cigar to celebrate with?

  23. I’m super impressed! It’s really mellow and creamy. I don’t have a developed palette yet but I’m getting peppery hints and some chocolate and peanut butter notes. It’s got a great draw and burns smooth and even. I’ve been missing out!

  24. I just picked up my first Davidoff at my local B&M. I was between this one and the Geneva Aniversario No. 3. I ended up going with the No. 3 because it’s a lighter wrapper and I seem to like lighter cigars. Guess I’ll have to try this one next!

  25. Didn’t this happen in a TV show too? Maybe Dark on Netflix?

  26. I can’t help but notice they didn’t put it on a car

  27. I can’t help but notice he cut it off the car but then magically the center was back and appears to be crucial to the entire project.

  28. I agree. Those are Cirrus clouds that it appears to be above. Cirrus clouds have a typical elevation of 15 to 30 thousand feet. I’m ruling out a bird. At that elevation that thing is moving real fast. I’m also ruling out lens flare. It’s not moving with the camera. Orientation doesn’t change when the camera orientation does.

  29. Dude sitting next to her is watching intently.

  30. I was at a resort and got it from the gift shop. I’m not too sure if it was a certified retailer

  31. It’s probably burning funny because it’s a fake Cohiba.

  32. Does anyone know if the chocolate he is using as glue has any additives? I guess I’m skeptical that a little bit of warm chocolate has the strength to keep this all together.

  33. It doesn’t that I know of. There is a show he hosts on Netflix called “School of Chocolate” that shows some of his techniques.

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