1. I do it manually with DSLR’s too. I have a tutorial on YouTube on some best practices 👍

  2. Incredible- awesome shot! How did you get so much depth of field at this magnification? I guess in flight focus stacking is not an option

  3. I actually have done an inflight focus stack with a hovering dragonfly, but that is the only one I’ve ever managed and I’ve heard of one or two other instances of anyone doing it. This is just a single. I narrowed the aperture and it’s on a m43 (OMD EM1X) which gets you more depth of field.

  4. Nice photo, you mind sharing the equipment you used to get this?

  5. Question: I love these type of macro shots but what I'm wondering is are you able to set up and take these pictures in nature with live subjects? 🤔 I've been wondering for quite some time.

  6. This is a live subject ‘in situ’ - (where I found it), all my images are from live creatures. There are some who shoot pets or ‘still’ their subjects, but it’s quite frowned upon amoungust most of the modern community. 👍

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