1. I had the same message, and offensive username some days ago, but since than I'm keeping playing and nothing happened

  2. Someone false reported you. You can get banned from communicating for 3 days if you get reported frequently.

  3. I received today this 2 notification, I never had a problem with my username before, text or chat just if I meet someone Portuguese, and I can't play properly because some error that occurred after every game, I need to restart the game all the time, in a space of 5 hours I played 5/6 games, is there any problems around, Someone know?

  4. imagine how many modes god serena could have!

  5. The difference between Natsu and god Serena, is Natsu learn from a dragon and eat the elements ( 1st generation) , god Serena got 8 Lacrima implant in is body or how was explained in the manga 100 yrs quest , they are 8 dragon hearts, so it's easy for god Serena to combine them

  6. If by "stronger" you mean "powerful", then yes. We could see both in the manga and the series that Seiya's ability to burn his cosmo is higher than Ikki's, being able to pull off some incredible feats. However, Ikki's physical strength is greater, as well as his aggressiveness and relentlessness, making him look more badass and fearless.

  7. I agree and don't, if wasn't the power of friendship Seiya would never won against ikki, and there's always this thing, there's always one stronger then the main series protagonist , but being the main is synonymous of winning not matter who or what ( not always, but in most of the times)

  8. Astonishing panorama of the end of times

  9. The familiar goat's head inside an inverted pentagram did not become the foremost symbol of Satanism until the founding of the Church of Satan in 1966. The original goat pentagram containing the Hebrew letters at the five points of the pentagram spelling out Leviathan (לויתן), the ancient serpent from the biblical

  10. I'll try to resume my story So, when the l first lock down start, I had to stop working as most of the people, my boss put me on furlough but because he was a bit dodgy he never paid me on time or don't even paid me, and because of that and other things I lost my job... Going forward, because I got bills to pay I couldn't afford to stay without a job and job seekers just could help me for 6 months, I need to ask for Universal credit. I did an adjoining account with my girlfriend ( she worked from home during COVID), we gave all the documents needed and they accepted ... First payment was half of what I was earning, that I think is quite right, but next month they didn't give nothing, and for some reason they advised me to take my son from nursery so my bills are less, but how I could find a job and take care of my son, I never understand this bit, third month they give half of the first payment. And for some reason for 3 months they didn't pay me nothing, after that they pay me £8.06 that was they're last payment. And than luckily after 5 months with no income at all I found a job. I try to login to my account 2 days after start working to tell them, but my account was closed already, so I thought they knew I had a job. So in 1 year without job universal credit helped me during 3 months. I didn't have any overpayment or advanced money, in my point of view I didn't have any help at all, and now they want that money back, but come in my girlfriend name not on mine. They say if we don't pay they take from my taxes... I don't understand this situation, I'm waiting for my bank statement so I can call them to explain me why.

  11. Why such negative comments on her, Kanye West is not so good and I didn't see too much complaints on him

  12. This was the so hyped chapter...I was expecting something much bigger, like the golden owl guild, or Viernes, something about ignia plan I don't know...but has always in fairy tail when the hype is big , I always feel disappointed...

  13. The  first version of Yoshimitsu made his debut in the original Tekken in 1994, and is one of four characters (with Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix, and Nina Williams) to appear in every main installment of the series. The second version of Yoshimitsu appeared in every Soulcalibur game since the 1998 self-titled installment except for 2012's Soulcalibur V, which instead features a third version of the character, informally known as Yoshimitsu II. All Yoshimitsus are their era's leader of the honorable Manji clan, practitioners of ninjutsu, and master swordsmen with a mask and mechanical prosthetic arms.

  14. All the modern, advanced and infinity it's not my type of call of duty

  15. 1_Red black and blue 2_love song 3_angel with scabbed wings 4_get your gun 5_fight song 6_half way and one step closer 7_use your first and not your mouth 8_Reflecting God 9_great big white world 10_suck for your solution 11_apple of Sodom 12_ antichrist superstar 13_beautiful people 14_ astonishing panorama... 15_little horn Encore: Paint you with my love

  16. Porto palmarès internacional: 1 taça dos campeões europeus 1987 1 liga dos campeões 2004 1 supertaça europeia 1987 2 taça intercontinental 1987/2004(2004 última taça intercontinental, agora conhecida como mundial de clubes) 1 taça UEFA 2003 1 liga Europa 2011 Total= 7 competições europeias

  17. I downloaded on Spotify, but every album or bootleg from Manson that I find I buy

  18. The acss looks pretty sick. Would prefer without lhroh cover merge, but it sorta works fine

  19. The back is the angel of antichrist album and on holy wood is the tarot cards, they're pretty sick t-shirts

  20. I got this t-shirt, my favourite... I got the Image

  21. I was after this t-shirt for almost 18 years, and 2 years ago I found someone selling it on eBay for a reasonable price (£12.50 + £2.80 shipping) , last week I bought 2 more ( antichrist and holy wood eras vintage replica) on a website called roxxbkk.com, you should take a look they got really nice ones

  22. Emdm or the high end of low, I don't say the worsts but is the only 2 that I Skip some songs

  23. Reflecting God, love song,. Use your first and not your mouth...

  24. I skip TPE, I skip everything in EMDM beside the last 2, I skip everything in HUD beside Jesus Crisis and Saturnalia. Everyone skips Better Of Two Evils I fear.

  25. the roman numerals that appear on the back of the album sleeve (IX (9), VI (6), III (3), and VII (7)) are multiplied by themselves, the resulting number equals 1134. When 1134 is properly read upside-down, it appears as "hEll" Source: Manson Wikipedia

  26. They look good, Manson a bit chubby 😊

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