1. I think she’s dead for real, because when a Cassadine kills, it’s usually permanent (and It was left-open ended that Nikolas killed her).

  2. She was on 911: Lone Star last year

  3. They never said that the boss is a Gatlin.

  4. Because most of their fanbase consists of entitled assholes. Fuck them now and forever

  5. Any chance we could get this guy?

  6. https://twitter.com/NWSSPC/status/1617221620577468422

  7. They're gonna have to get rid of some key players just to pay him.

  8. So, does anyone think she could be the Boss Lady?

  9. This has to be it for Nikolas, right? They said end of January.

  10. This is from one of the makeup people for the show.

  11. if he bails this is gonna be the worst offseason in recent memory. they say bad news comes in threes:

  12. How you gonna do a fellow Bearcat like that

  13. Sorry, but I don't want to see a threepeat happening.

  14. When did we go back to the mid-2000s?

  15. Looks like Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), Molly, and Michael.

  16. That guy looks too tall to be TC in my opinion

  17. Justus was killed by Manny Ruiz in 2006

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