1. I was thinking the same thing! There is not really anyone on our actual rival team that I would choose!

  2. Their offense and your defense could be a pretty solid team

  3. Yeah…no thanks. South Carolina’s offense is 75th in YPG right now, where’s the upgrade over our first team guys? Lloyd and Shipley are probably a push, both explosive in different ways. I’m taking DJ over Rattler and our decent OL over their swiss cheese line is a no brainer. Maybe snag a WR but that’s really it.

  4. I was talking about Coastal Carolina

  5. Will the Victory Bell game continue when you guys join the Big12?

  6. Don't know, I'll still be at Nippert that day not watching.

  7. If it were leaking, there would be a Mike Trout reference

  8. Mel Tucker with the heist of the century

  9. They still have T Boone right? I think Gundy is staying put.

  10. I'm glad we'll never have to play these guys again

  11. Georgia is definitely not winning the national championship this year

  12. College Football's Premier Pregame Show

  13. Super excited. Hopefully her return leads to the reveal that Luke and maybe a few others are alive and in Victor's clutches. Also looking forward to Robert's reaction. I'd love an old fashioned WSB adventure to rescue her from wherever she's being held. Maybe that's part of the location shoot being teased. I'd die if we got an old school WSB rescue mission and a location shoot out of Holly's return. 🤯

  14. I've been thinking more and more that maybe Leopold Taub is somehow still alive and he's the one holding Holly hostage. He never got an on-screen death, and he was a part of the Cartel Robert helped take down back in 1991

  15. That could be interesting. He's been being mentioned a lot lately because of Cody, and has a huge axe to grind with the brothers Scorpio. Could be a very meaty story. Is Dominique still living that we know of? I seem to remember hearing it said that she died but I never paid attention to her beyond her involvement with the Cartel, and haven't paid much attention to the Cody stuff.

  16. She died in Scott's arms in 1993

  17. It's down to USC or us. We've been blowing up his tweets recently

  18. If I've learned anything from last night's game, is that none of these guys should play on Sunday.

  19. Yikes. Well at least the new company made some games I liked like Tacticool and Left2Survive.


  21. The picture of her doesn’t make it look like she’s pregnant

  22. https://twitter.com/Txoxo1616/status/1575648310781935616

  23. They mentioned he was conscious but never mentioned if he had movement. Dude that’s scary

  24. They said that he has movement in his extremities

  25. As a Reds fan, this moment was bittersweet. It was an embarrassing moment representing our team, but also we pretty much all despised tHom (capitalization there is intended) so it was almost a victory for us. Now we have the wonderful John Sadak and it’s been great actually listening to our games on TV for once. Once Barry Larkin finally gets better at his analysis role at least (which he is improving tbf).

  26. That whole thing was crazy to watch live

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