1. 93 and 05 are two different worlds sonically lol

  2. Nope fax is fax. 96 and 03 are only 7 years 03-22 is 19 years the sound has changed so much 50's flow on that albums is much more similar to Nas than Uzi and the beats are kinda old school too and sound grimey.

  3. Blueprint 2 and Last Real N* Alive should be talked about more in the Jay/ Nas beef discussion. Both tracks add alot imo.

  4. True I love both songs only thing I hated is that lame hook on BP2 but the verses and beat are fire especially the last verse.

  5. Didn't even know that, I guess it is more akward for listeners who don't know the movie

  6. Well I don't really see how I can prove to you that I've listened to half of his music. This is a part of my

  7. Didn't want proof that you listened to him I want to know if he really is as arrogant as you claim he seems like a cool dude

  8. I've listened to maybe half of his albums, I'm not saying he's bad just that I can't stand him.

  9. Awe man!!! thanks for not being a small brain like other people and actually elaborating on your opinion!

  10. I listen to a lot of artists. Some people are more lyrical like Kool G Rap and Black Thought etc they sure are in that conversation. Pac just had a very big impact on my life and both made me proud of being black and also made me fear death less.

  11. Wouldn't agree, and i am a big JMT fan. He has a great voice and it compliments Stoupe's beats perfectly, but his rhymes can be a bit simplistic at times. Don't think he has the lyrical complexity of the likes of Eminem or RA the rugged man.

  12. Must be crazy he makes Jay-Z (after RD) and J. Cole (first few albums) sound like nursery rhymes

  13. Exactly what I thought don't know most of the songs but Magnolia and The Race are older than a grannys diaper that hasn't been changed, you get the big picture it's a Big L

  14. Too basic it would drive me nuts. Shook ones 2 and Good day are the only ones I listen to once or twice a year.

  15. Why are we always comparing?

  16. What I meant is if you knew his music before? Or you just liked the vibe? He is a danish artist after all

  17. I would say Blueprint 2.1 instead of Blueprint 2 to avoid the filler.

  18. He would have been legendary. It is so weird to me seeing someone so great pass away like that. Rap would have been his way out he would probably even have made a duo with Joey Badass and released 1 or 2 full lenght projects. Great bars, great voice, flow, that good old boombap we love and a believable charactor.

  19. Nastradamus & Blueprint 2 even though I like both. In fact Project windows and Life we chose are some of Nas best songs. People were only disappointed because they came right after some of their greatest albums that is so damn unfair. Meet the parents is one of the best storytelling songs of all time.

  20. Revival was pretty bad although people are gonna downvote me like it's not the truth just because of the artist.

  21. Fax people be dickriding Em too much even though most of his new music sucks

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