1. I do think the fanbase is too hard on hum, maybe because of the "Go to sleep" meme.

  2. I just think he's unlikeable and pathetic. If we put all his personality traits on a random person (one sided and persistent crush on a girl, constant white knighting, bashes his friends constantly, defensive and hostile), we'd just have an unlikeable piece of crap. Making him a cat doesn't remove that.


  4. Agreed. Whoever told me shower sex is good was straight up lying.

  5. What do I do if I can't get his W-2? His employer said they deleted him from the system.

  6. A lot of crime on the internet they just don't care about, and/or they can't even stop the criminals because they are in different countries then the ones being affected by such criminal actions.

  7. This is fair, and definitely something I kinda already figured. It's just perplexing to think about it. You could literally distribute the entirety of the MCU online and a smart person could just do it.

  8. Issue is I live on a nonexistant budget and rely on stevia sweet tea a lot. It's easy to make, cheaper than buying water, and it tastes better IMO

  9. If he got paid in 2022, doesn't have a pay stub explaining what if anything was withheld, the employer won't send him a W-2, and he needs to file taxes, he needs to go through the missing W-2 process with the IRS.

  10. It's great you have the ambition to jump feet first into a rig, but you probably should focus on getting some general driving time in first. Your question would deserve a huge answer, no one here can type all the things you need to learn. You should maybe prioritize having a car first and learning some basic upkeep and maintenance. Depending where you live you're gonna want one at some point anyway so invest in a good one.

  11. It's not about being happy. Me and my brother live in a slum. Our neighbors are junkies and methheads put here by the local rehab clinic to shoot up in private. I hate this town, and I want, more than anything I've ever wanted, to leave it.

  12. Alright so another postee brought this up and I am gonna second it: get a delivery job first. I only had my liscense for 1.5 years before I dove into CDL driving and it definitely shows. I'm still learning how to drive while manning 53' and several thousand pounds. My first load ever was an OD load of tires for an earth mover.

  13. Me, who liked Rent A Girlfriend for having a realistic portrayal of abuse reading this post

  14. Bedman is a girl who you don't play as, but instead an operating table. Asuka is self explanatory.

  15. Even though it is a bot, I do like the implication that there are already 2 seasons of a random guy and his girlfriend having a staring contest and that it was good enough that people want to see season 3

  16. The real Onepunch Man here is eye moisture. They're superhuman for not blinking for three seasons.

  17. Baccano! A supernatural crime thiller told out of chronological order surriunding the events leading up to a train heist.

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