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  1. Title wasn't allowing more words, so as I was saying it then switched off, I turned it on again and now it isnt displaying, all fans come on including gpu fans but it doesn't display. What should I do?

  2. What's your PSU? I think it's because there's not enough power

  3. Im from kzn and we are getting 11.5 hours a day, 2x 4.5 hours and 1 2.5 hour but in reality its more like 2x5 hours and 1x3 hour, they always add an extra 30 mins its very annoying

  4. I was just wondering cuz the gt challengers pack says it comes with 5 cars

  5. Bro you made this post wanting kouki to win. Look at the photos you supplied. Like others have mentioned, kouki looks good with all the other extra exterior bits but looks awkward without them as the front is so different to rest of the body. Zenki has the more classic Nissan look

  6. Who gives a shit, also why are you replying to a 4 month old post? I even forgot i made this post

  7. Ok so i built a new pc only keeping my gpu so i installed Windows all my drivers and i installed steam and started to download all my games one of which is assetto corsa and when i try to play the game it just says unable to start correctly and says this error code, i am not having this problem on any other steam game

  8. I'd revert to the steam community for that game. Ppl there are often super helpful and faster thanlooking for answers to certain games in the reddit swarm (=

  9. Does anybody know about quran apps you can listen to without internet

  10. Quran central, countless reciters and you can download all surahs for free

  11. All surahs are beautiful but ar rahmaan is another level of beauty

  12. Awe bru, was gonna reply sooner but had Load shedding😔

  13. Chris fix dose a great video on how to do a 5 lug swap

  14. Around $33,000-36,000 USD for the premium automatic, depending on dealer add-ons.

  15. Just take out the gauge, its better as you can feel the speed and rpm instead of seeing it

  16. Is this south Africa? This looks exact like one thats for sale near me in south Africa

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