1. Hey, i’d offer $250 on that cgc 9 umbreon alt.

  2. Card Trooper Games had a 5k the same weekend with ASR legal and had a completely different top 8. Game is in a really great state right now. In Japan the regi single prize deck won a 1,000+ competitive tournament. Meta is wide open right now and if you’re comfortable with a deck that can either be played turbo or consistently odds are you’ll be fine

  3. All good, Would you be willing to do $10 for the umbreon V TG?

  4. Would you consider a trade of a CGC 8.5 Galarian Moltres V Alt Art for the Dragonite Alt Art?

  5. Hey man, I'm willing to buy this for $550

  6. Awesome, I’ll send over my PayPal info over chat. I can have it shipped out on Monday :)

  7. How much for all 5 zards? 300 bmwt and I'll take em.

  8. I have yet to hear back from someone earlier. If you’d like it it’s yours for $145

  9. Does anything in my most recent post strike your fancy? I am interested in the three Arceus Vs, Gold Magma Basin, and Gold Ultra Ball!

  10. I’ve got a binder and some heavy hitters left on my last post. Including a PSA graded Lugia and some modern cards great for deck building if you’re into that

  11. Would recommend buying a jig, you can get them dirt cheap on eBay. Paperclip method works, but it's a pain and you'll need to use it everytime you power your switch back on. I've jailbroken quite a few so DM me if you need any help.

  12. I’ve got a V1 Switch (assuming I do as I got it on release day) if you get some time I’d love some resources/help on modding mine!

  13. Sorry if silly question, is the Gamestop PikaRom a jumbo or regular size?

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