How Countries Fight Their Wars by Mitsi Studio

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  1. I'm not gonna be upset if I don't get the right answer. I just thought reddit might have a good educated guess.

  2. "Only a ginger can call another ginger ginger." -- some comedian

  3. It's called a chin diaper. Joking aside, I just pulled it down for the pic.

  4. How did this turn out? Dealing with this now. From what I am reading in my cc&rs, it appears to be my HOAs responsibility. I got the info to them just waiting on Mgr review. We have a small times!!

  5. My leak ended up being a leak from my neighbor. Never did find out what was causing it, buy we know it wasn't a slab leak. Insurance is paying for everything.

  6. It depends on your governing docs, but typically anything drywall out is HOA common property.

  7. My answer must be submitted by 2/7/19. The real number will be announced on 2/8/19.

  8. I only shave once a week. I will work on washing my face more often. Although my skin is already very dry.

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