1. Too bad the show sucked. "Hey, let's ignore lore for the books to make our own lore that we'll then ignore 15 minutes later." "You know what the books did? Showed how Moraine sheltered and protected the group on their journey, a journey that lasted days if not a week or more before Barelon and beyond, so that when she told them we have to go to the borderlands by way gate, they trusted her. Let's not do that in the show, they can spend like... a day on the road with her then all split up, and when they come back together they'll just trust her because... reasons." (This one peaved me off because they could have used camera tricks to show the passage of time without adding a single scene. Like when they were singing weep for Manatheran they could have superimposed sun rises and sets impling days passed as they rode) "Hey, you know how we have two awesome characters (Moraine and Lan) we could use to explore the Warder Aes Sedai Bond? Yeah let's invent 2 new characters then fridge them to explain things."

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. But sir, this is Wendy's

  3. The power of the casinos is mindblowing. Poker great Phil Ivey played Baccarat at 2 casinos. Requested a certain deck of cards be played. Casinos regularly use the Gemaco and said yes. Ivey and his partner never touched the cards but asked the dealers to present them in a certain way. Dealers obliged.

  4. I don't get how casinos won that case. Yeah, you can (and will) ban him from future games at your establishment. But they didn't cheat, they didn't mark the cards. They found the loophole. So they can be kicked out, but why should they return the winnings they already had at that moment?

  5. Even better. If the dealer (and casino) had no knowledge about that "flaw" in the card design that's on them. Beside, at any point, the dealer could have refused them and not follow their instructions on how to handle cards. IMO they won that fairly.

  6. Eugh I hate reddit for doing what I'm about to do, but I always find this distinction interesting.

  7. So it's more like the dose that 50% of people can survive or dose that kills 50% of people

  8. And it likely would have been if the Kiev offensive had been successful. The fact that the Ukrainians managed to fight back and retake the airport in the early days of the war really put a wrench in Russias plans to land troops on the capital’s doorsteps.

  9. I wonder how that timeline goes. Say kyev got captured and zelenski killed or in hiding/exile. I don't think ukraine would just go along and cave.

  10. Was the girl a virgin? This seems like a possible loophole

  11. Zna li netko koliko se naplacuje internet preko A1 nakon isteka ugovora? Imam 7 dana do prebacivanja broja pa me zanima koliko moram ugasit mob internet vani?

  12. I go for translation for classics and original for newer books

  13. I can do pretty much all of my groceries within 10 min walking distance. If I want to go to downtown it's about 20 min. With a car it would probably be faster, but I would have to find a parking spot and pay for it.

  14. We don't really have the culture of strikes (or large demonstrations while we're at it). We have teachers strike every couple of years for a few days and that's pretty much it. Usually as soon as strike is threatened the government does something to appease the group in question. I don't remember any general strike, but im young.

  15. What's the point of using nukes on flying targets? Isn't the whole point of nuke its huge area of effect destruction and contamination of target? What can air to air nuke do that conventional explosive couldn't?

  16. Arguably, literally killing off your blue collar workforce is pretty devastating too

  17. And young workers to boot. Plus all the brain drain.

  18. Saunas aren't a thing here. Even communal baths and pools are not that common.

  19. I dont like the live action idea. Beside all the spren, flora and fauna, spheres glowing, etc. I am not convinced you could make shardblades and shardplate look serious. They would just look ridiculous. And then they must glow.

  20. Architects don't calculate that, engineers do. With modern engineering they can model everything in a computer simulation to get a pretty high confidence of stability. Even then things aren't engineered to be just strong enough, they have safety factors of 3 or 4 times the required strength so even if the calculations are off there is still a lot of leeway. You have to cut a lot of corners in construction, missed some fundamental force in your simulations or use the structure for something it completely wasn't designed for for it to fail.

  21. So how did they do it before computers? Say middle ages, renessance

  22. Znam da je netko bio napisao program koji sve te linije s plana prikaze u stvarnosti, odnosno na karti u mjerilu. To bi bilo fora vidjet.

  23. Učinilo mi se da sam vidjela neka sela, ali mislim da si u pravu, hvala. Svakako stavi link na to, jer sad moraš za svaku liniju posebno gledati na Google Maps, baš me zanima...

  24. https://www.autotrolej.hr/linije/prigradske-linije/

  25. For me, the saddest point is Dalinar reaching out to Eshonai and being just a bit too late to start something.

  26. Putting the weight of the world on one man's shoulders does make you a deadbeat though. It's not that the other heralds gave up. It's that in that time they didn't try to save him. They went their separate ways, allowed humanity to forget, allowed the knights to disappear, and allowed Roshar to become defenseless against odium

  27. I mean, TBF they probably didn't expect him to hold out as long as he did. And when nothing kept happening they had less and less reason to attempt to return to braize

  28. While not untrue, that doesn't make them not deadbeats. You can understand why, and even empathize with it, even be okay with it, but none of that changes what they did.

  29. I digress a little, do we know what the Heralds were supposed to do to return to Braize for the Oathpact? Just kill themselves/die, or was there more to it? Because it seems weird they had never tried "partial runs" before.

  30. I mean it appears to be a very very good deterrent.

  31. Hrvatska ima dva otrovna pauka, odnosno opasna za ljude. Crna udovica i smedi samotnjak. Ovo nije ni jedan od tih.

  32. For me? It makes files list less cluttered

  33. Do you organize your bookshelf with the spines facing inward, too?

  34. How does thar equal anything. I rely on icon of the file since that will correctly identify it in 99% of the cases.

  35. One that can differ between accents is the sentence "marry merry Mary". In my accent, from the south of England, all three words are pronounced differently. A lot of Americans would probably pronounce them all the same.

  36. Non native english speaker here. All the same. Maaaybe merry has longer/more accented r than marry but it's minuscule

  37. Imamo već male tehnološki nepismene debile i još im se smanji satnica informatike na 1 sat tjedno.

  38. Iskreno...nije za svih. Neke ne zanima glazbeni i likovni, neke biologija i kemija, neke informatika. I to je ok. Malo mi ide na jetru to forsiranje informatike svima. Svi bi samo ubacivali predmete. Gradanski odgoj, financijska pismenost, etika, domacinstvo itd.

  39. I glazba i umjetnost i biologija i kemija se danas u velikoj mjeri rade na kompjuteru. Nije cilj od svih napraviti programere nego ih naučiti ove osnovne stvari koje su nama koji smo odrasli prije pametnih telefona bile normalne.

  40. Ali to i sad ostaje u ovoj smanjenoj satnici

  41. Sounds like this town will become another Times Beach.

  42. Damn. That story just kept getting worse

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