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  1. Subwoolfer has truly been a gift this year! I loved them, not just their performance but also all the little shorts/parodies they did leading up to the competition.

  2. My favorite part about them is that when they show off their silly, yet friendly personallity in public (Exemples: 66 Questions, Interviews, Interactions with other artists or with the hosts like in the picture shown and so on!)

  3. Yey! We got some more people devalueing "Running Scared"! Whooooo!!!

  4. yeah but it blends with the water

  5. Vut it also blends with the other coasters supports!

  6. These ferris rings are build by unlicensed manufacturers mainly found in china and india. They have an awful track record when it comes to safety and even I, someone who's hobby it is to ride as many flat rides as possible would really not suggest riding why due to the very real safety concern found with these rides. Now... does that mean that rides are generally unsafe? Absolutely not! Especially in america, europe and every country with highly regulated safety mesures in regard to guest safety when it comes to rides, such accidents are extremely unlikely. The reason why all of you are trying to avoid these rides at all costs is because of news outlets and subsequently bad youtube content over exaggerating on these accidents, similar to plane crashes. (If you're nontheless interessted in flat ride accidents i'd heavly suggest you watch Coaster College's "What really happend" series as it gives a far more accurate explanation for various ride related incidents.)

  7. How many times do you want to repost this meme?

  8. Your one attack hit me twice technically...

  9. I feel like I'm being stared at... right now... in my desk chair... inside a brightly lit room.

  10. What I've learned from stepping away from MBTI:

  11. That last one took me way to long to figure out myself!

  12. Me when Midgatal makes fun of my personallity:

  13. I can't deny that he reacted more than accordingly!

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