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  1. In my opinion, the only people you should be explaining it to is people you literally have to, like your boss or your SO. Explaining ADHD is like explaining the color purple to someone who has been blind their entire life. Save yourself the stress.

  2. In my experience and in observing others’ experiences, it rarely behooves one to identify as having, or trying to explain, ADHD.

  3. I feel you with the Gabapentin being underrated! Personally I like MDA better than MDMA, but MDMA is much more popular, so I’d say MDA is underrated.

  4. I did 3 hits of db dipped acid on friday 13th alone at night my trip had me thanking i was dead there was this voice saying it was all over your dead you cant leave. my room looked slanted and dirty its hard to explain but my hands were messed up all my fingers were laying horizontal in the direction of the hand so my right hand fingers were laying horizontal to the right Versa with the left i couldnt pick up any thang my tv wasn't responding then the voice started saying why did you do this what is your mom sisters brothers gonna thank your welding career is over your gonna known as the kid who overdose on acid the hole town gonna know

  5. I’ve done that several times with the inhaler. How many gms do you put in yours? I’ve also carried mad bottles of pills, onboard, mislabeled. I’ve never had the slightest problem.

  6. This isn’t completely true. Many employers and even large companies value/reward tenure. Not all, but many.

  7. You’re correct. If the job in question uses un- or semi-skilled workers then they probably won’t get treated very well; unskilled workers are a ever-growing resource.

  8. I think a good starting oral recreational dose for a healthy adult with no tolerance is 30mg. I’m not sure about writing music but it’s certainly good for me when I’m writing. I hope it helps.

  9. This is kinda scary to me, is there a way to test your shit for phetanol?

  10. Here’s a link to an article and it has links for some good quality fentanyl testing strips and kits. The article has other useful information, too:

  11. You can crush the little beads inside the capsules with a mortar and pestle or other crushing implements, and this will turn the XR into IR. This could make your dosing later in the evening better—do your 10mg at the start of your trip. This way you’re not getting the second half of the XR formulation four hours into the trip, potentially making it more difficult to get to sleep once you’ve arrived wherever. Also, please hydrate and get some healthy food in you if possible. Amphetamines turbocharge your CNS, it’s helps a lot to intake water and nutrients while on amps. Good luck!

  12. Yes, you should be okay, 10mgXR is a really low dosage amount.

  13. I knew a guy whose daughter was threatened by a married couple (they were outlaws); he stealthed into their house late that night, killed the couple by slitting their throats. NOW the fucked up part is what Noble (his first name) did after killing them. Noble was Native American and mutilated the bodies in specific traditional ways. For the male he cut the penis and testicles off and shoved them in his mouth. He disemboweled the woman and mutilated her vulva and vagina. He’s been locked up since 1976 and will never get out. Does that qualify as “fucked up”?

  14. I was the black sheep, simply because my family SUCKED massively.

  15. I totally reserve the right to withdraw from ANY organization, belief system et cetera. Scientology is so backwards…

  16. Crystal used to be expensive, and a lot of websites have insanely overinflated values. My wife's grandma had a bunch that was supposedly worth thousands, but we were only able to sell a few pieces individually and finally just offloaded the whole lot. Made maybe $200 on all of it. It's just not all that popular anymore.

  17. I know quite a few people who have wine and scotch decanters and glasses, myself included, and crystal jewelry is popular among some as it bypasses ethical issues with the gemstone industry and is often cheaper than synthetic gems. Crystal is akin to fine bone China in that it can be pricey new but only the best sets will have more than a fraction of their value (e.g. the Frank Lloyd Wright dinnerware set is worth ~$12,000USD, while other contemporaneous sets can be hard for under $100USD).

  18. No paper must indicate some serious deprivation. People that have books, printers, mail, and residences usually have paper, I can’t think of a time when I haven’t had paper in my house in one form or another. Regardless, enjoy your existence of purposeless comments and no paper.

  19. Thought it was pretty clear that was a joke lol. Just used a sticky note to pack a bowl.

  20. MY BAD, sorry for the incorrect filter. Also, taken humorously, lol at your comment

  21. Personally I hate third-person, always staring at the back of my character

  22. I divided up some doses so I don’t have to do it later, now I’ve been playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands for the past few hours

  23. Is that what you call carpet surfing for random shards that don't exist?

  24. No, it entails weighing out doses from a large ziplock back and making individual doses so I can grab and go in a hurry without having to weight them.

  25. I was then told by a massive wave of interlocking, tessellated “dwarves” that they were going to teach me the “nature of reality” and I had the first of a series of ongoing physics lessons.

  26. i meant when u came down how did you process the fact that the years of life werent real

  27. It wasn’t a problem for me, the entities gave me bigger things to worry about

  28. I can almost count in one hand how many times I've used grenades.

  29. I don’t like them as much because they often kill civilians as collateral damage

  30. As a completionist, i kill everyone as a matter of principle.

  31. No guns!?! What difficulty are you playing and how’s that working out? Do you use a katana at all?

  32. Holy fuck I could not imagine actually trying this I tried salvia once when I was 19 at least I educated myself before trying it. But dam all I can say was I think salvia is meant for one and done type shit imo. Literally I smoked it out of a small glass weed pipe and it was straight 15x Sally and all I remember was I was sheet metal being constructed to the building I was living in. I came down and laughed my ass off told my girlfriend OMG 😱 you have to try this babe it's awesome 😈 hehe lmao to hell you go girl so she smoked it as soon as she came down fucking through the pipe out of the window and dumped the salvia down the drain. I go "what's wrong"? Her, "your fucking mind that's what it's not ok to spend 5 minutes of your life as a brick inside the apartment wall hearing all the lost souls that were trapped in the building".

  33. I’ve only been an inanimate object on salvia once that I can remember, I was a knob on the base of a toilet. Salvia is fucking mental.

  34. I knew I was the knob as I quit being the knob, if that makes any sense. It’s like there was just a state of dense being, then as I transformed into something else (I then lived a lifetime as another person), I became aware of what I was.

  35. The colors are like fire, it’s absolutely beautiful

  36. Keep in mind that speed is way better when our bodies aren’t depleted from dehydration and nutrient deprivation, please try to get some water and protein in, your brain needs it to replenish your neurotransmitters

  37. No one does over two ounces of methamphetamine during one day, it’s not possible.

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