1. Good thing I just finished the gunsmith for the M1A lmao

  2. Same, literally the last thing I did before hoping off last night lol

  3. Stabbed by the Internet. Sounds fitting.

  4. Federal or private loans as the answer will vary by the loan type

  5. Then if you worked full time this week apply on Sunday for unemployment.

  6. Thanks. I don't know much about unemployment, I filled for it once a long time ago now. Is there a way I should know how much i will be making?

  7. Looks like in Iowa they look at your highest quarter and divide that by 23. So if you earned 10k your weekly benefit would be around 434.

  8. Alright, thank you very much, greatly appreciated.

  9. You should flip your AIO so that the hoses are at the bottom, you're collecting air at the top with that orientation, which isn't ideal. It won't kill it necessarily, but overall it would be better for longevity.

  10. Some more information, this mostly seems to happen when gaming, Escape from Tarkov specifically. It's pretty much the only game I play right now, so I don't have much other data. However my temps seem to be running high just watching YouTube. 75 C+. Really not sure what to do.

  11. I have stressed both of them, this was a few weeks ago now, but the issue did not occur then. However, I could run it again and see what happens.

  12. Just got this case myself. Very nice 👌🏾

  13. Hopefully they have this fixed by the time I can actually get one lol

  14. Mushrooms. They're gross. Unless they're morel. Those things slap.

  15. Essentially, it looks like that. By fewer I mean for Part A, there are X locations that need removed and Y locations that need added. I would only want to highlight an equal number of adds and removes for a given part. So, if a given part has 3 adds and 2 remove, I want to highlight 2 of the adds and the 2 removes.

  16. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Ahp2h609PzULgRnv8jWoHI86AEa_?e=UE4trV

  17. Well, that's nice of him to try and save me the monthly electric bill when everything else is royally fucked, I guess

  18. Aka, money out of my pocket to pay myself again later

  19. I've been working for awhile now, but when I first started job hunting a few years back I literally couldn't even get a response back from Target, a place I had worked previously and left on go terms to return to school. I applied to pretty much everything except fast food and got nothing.

  20. We had practice in the graveyard down from my high school fairly regularly. The only issue we ever ran into was a couple kids who decided to do leg swings using gravestones to balance after the coaches told them not to. They were from the other school we were co-oped with tho, and they were mostly idiots, decent runners, but idiots.

  21. Probably just be purposefully hitting every pothole because fuck em.

  22. I did that to the cadets when I was at West Point for summer training

  23. Probably the worst time most of them are gonna have, might as well make the most of it lol

  24. I think an important distinction needs to be made. If you need someone to make sure you’re working out, eating right, then I would agree with Pippa. You have to have that self-discipline.

  25. I agree, which is why I made a point to address that I perhaps phrased things poorly.

  26. pretty sure this is the dude that keeps getting banned and making new accounts on reddit for being an ass. i wouldn’t take what he says seriously

  27. Oh no, are you telling me I fell for a serial troll? Yep, I'm definitely not SF material, homie was right.

  28. Horrible boots until AIT... Well, maybe not for infantry in OSUT.

  29. So, this is clearly bad parenting, but regardless of how I feel about this situation--I'm still not fond of police. This isn't because the idea of a community protection force is inherently bad, but because for the most part they only serve as revenue generators for their district/state.

  30. I was in it for 9 months, only went on Sundays, and didn't learn a damn thing.

  31. Alright, so here we go... Since you can run a good distance already, the only real thing to do is do more sprinting, speed work.

  32. i dont know that i'd say 'over' xlookup but yes you should unquestionably know vlookup, and i would argue that should be what you should use.

  33. XLOOKUP is VLOOKUP, but better I'd say. It works either direction, and you don't need to know the number of the column your return is in, you just highlight the column you want to return data from. It also has built in ability to choose a value to return if the lookup is not found.

  34. Ya, when you're working with others you definitely want them to be able to understand what's going on. For myself, pretty much everything I do is just for me or simply to create something to present, so I don't often have to worry about others haha.

  35. I find this question amusing, only because my younger brother would put syrup on their pizza the next day after we brought it home.

  36. Would you by chance know of a resource for helmets? Had a solider, now peer, get told he couldn't wear the one her purchased. I don't care much either way, but I'd like to know.

  37. I am actually. I supervise like 30 technicians at my current job so it probably be pretty similar, just sub out the oars and poles for tanks and guns. I'm kidding lol but damn that sounds awesome.

  38. Somewhat, it's very admin heavy, but there's plenty of time to get out and talk with the enlisted guys. For officers rather than picking a job, they pick a field to branch. So like infantry, logistics or medical. Sorta all encompassing

  39. No, I'm a Sgt, I intend to go warrant in a few years tho. That's a whole other can of worms tho lol

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