1. West Indies Federation survives until today

  2. USA takes all of Oregon Country, Quebec becames independent in 1990s, and Newfoundland and Labrador in 1950s

  3. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traian_Vuia

  4. "The wings were put on in March and on March 18, 1906, it lifted off briefly. After accelerating for about 50 m (160 ft), the aircraft left the ground and travelled through the air at a height of about 1 m (3 ft 3 in) for a distance of about 12 m (39 ft), but then the engine cut out and it came down." it did fly

  5. Simion știe să facă propagandă, restul nu(că n-au nevoie)

  6. small nitpick:Florianópolis would still be called Desterro, as the name was changed after the abolishing of the monarchy to honor the second president Floriano Peixoto

  7. Empire of Brazil survives until today

  8. Bruh, it isn't hard to read or that low resolution

  9. Peru-Bolivian Confederation survives until today...while it lose a lot of territories

  10. The fact that this country would be half that of my home country in land area (maybe even less) but would have a damn near million more people living in it is wild af.

  11. After WW1, Yugoslavia annex more of Carinthia, and after WW2, it annexes more of Italy, and later SR Slovenia is created with the shown territories.

  12. Estado Novo survives, but with a monarch as a figure head. Also, Pink Map. For Galicia, it enters a personal union with Portugal in 14th century and later unite

  13. BRUH, I was gonna post something like this in a few days

  14. There was some support for monarchy after 1990 and the last Tsar was the prime-minister of the country in 2000s. In this TL, a referendum happens

  15. I feel like there is a double standard between albanian and serbian nationalism

  16. Then whyd you say keeps jts populated teritories

  17. The ethnically Albanian areas in this TL

  18. Hi, what did you utilize to make this map?

  19. Iruña is what Pamplona is called in Basque

  20. most people don't realize that southern Vietnam was only conquered by the Vietnamese as recently as 1832.

  21. By the time of Tay Son rebbelion, it was mostly under Vietnamese tho(except for parts in Champa)

  22. if you add guangxi(quảng tây ) and guangdong(quảng đông) it would be better and daiviet with Imperial Japan would be a 3rd pole of cold war (monarchy co prosperity sphere) also us will join this faction (they are ally with Tay Son Dynasty in OTL)

  23. It survives as Anglo-Corsican Kingdom until it becomes an republic

  24. Tibet becomes an British protectorate after Younghusband expedition and becomes independent in 1947

  25. Besides Taiwan, Republic of China also keeps Hainan and few other islands

  26. Why is ROC having less population than OTL Taiwan?

  27. Siam keeps most of it's territories

  28. Didnt you draw it before already

  29. It's an old map, but I added Laos and Tenasserim

  30. Are you posting these from a mobile device? If so, try to post it from a computer, the quality comes out a lot better

  31. Jewish homeland is made in Sinai, and thus Palestine is left for Arabs there

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