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  1. I have a car with an old speedometer. It’s not 100% reliable to look at and one of those vans caught me for doing 54 in a 50 zone once. So to allow for no error I have to slow down a little below the speed limit. Not this much but still.

  2. I think it’s a type of scam. I can’t remember what it’s called but people get weird things like this in the mail as part of it.

  3. Try at home. Get front the front seat of your car and out the back window in less than ten seconds. And then imagine that you have to do it vertically.

  4. I crashed my car and it flipped onto its side. I was on the ground because it landed on the driver side. I still am surprised at how difficult it was just to climb the two front seats to get to the other door. What was way more difficult was pushing the door open from overhead. I can’t imagine I would have been able to push the back door open half as easily if at all. And then with water on top too!

  5. I feel like I'm looking at a weird puzzle.

  6. Well if I was gonna visit anywhere it’d probably be where I have relatives but that’s also somewhere I’d go if I had the money!

  7. He's referring to Vancouver, Washington, not Vancouver, Canada. It's just across the river from Portland. Named after the same guy as Vancouver, Canada, but we were here first! It's about a 10-15 minute drive from downtown Vancouver to downtown Portland (without traffic)

  8. Oh I thought I read someone above mentioning Canada in a separate comment so I just assumed!

  9. How do these people not suffer with UTIs? I wipe wrong and I get a fucking UTI!!

  10. Women get it WAY easier than guys do. He would have to put the shit in his urethra. I once saw a bait and switch video of some guy had a tub in his dick. When he was pushing it out, shit came out with it.

  11. I couldn’t watch it long enough to see if he did that. This is the only kind of video that makes me want to vomit. They just normally do!

  12. While I appreciate your pov, and I do... I've gone to A&E in far less developed countries than Ireland and received care reasonably fast (less than an hour). We make a lot of excuses for our system, pointing out how wonderful it is.. but when far less developed or less economically successful countries can operate their hospital services better with much larger populations, we really need to complain more.

  13. How do you know that all of those people got the appropriate treatment? Being seen quickly doesn’t mean they were all treated effectively.

  14. This is how triage works. Your 2 year old was unlikely to die, so those who are get to be seen to first. If whatever was wrong with your kid could have been dealt with by a GP or a local health nurse then you're at the back of the queue, while those in a more serious situation jump the queue.

  15. I should not have had to scroll so far down to find this comment. I don’t know anything about this particular story but so many people bring kids into A&E for things that could have gone to a GP. Maybe there was an accident nearby. Maybe it just so happened there were far more life threatening things to deal with that night. I find Irish people in particular have no idea that A&E stands for accident and EMERGENCIES.

  16. Did it taste like milk that's been frozen and thawed again maybe?

  17. Actually that’s quite similar to how it tasted. Didn’t even think of that. It’s got the consistency of pure water too. I know there’s barely a difference between the two.

  18. I was trying to put my finger on why some own-brand full fat milks aren't as nice as some name brands, and somebody here suggested that, apparently they're more often frozen for transit or storage.

  19. Well that is definitely a good explanation. Hadn’t thought of it at all. It’s very possible a batch was frozen or something!

  20. I mean…. How was I to know really you just responded with an ingredients list lol! I didn’t know if you were trying to make a point or doing the work for people who didn’t know.

  21. I work at a dispensary and we have at least 3 people a week with expired or improper ID have child like fits.

  22. I have a few Lego Harry Potter sets and the wands are always one shape, plastic and a solid colour

  23. I had no idea. I wear my hair in two FRENCH braids all the time!

  24. Your parents won’t be so chill about it when some pedo hunter group plasters his face all over the internet and he gets put on a register. Cause it will happen.

  25. I feel like there's going to be a lot of unhealthy relationships ruined by this. 'Whyd you turn your location off?? What are you hiding??'

  26. I use the location service (the free version) to see when my fiancé is coming home from work. I only check around when he’s supposed to be home so that I can start food or order food or whatever and put the tv on. I can tell you now that it’s not accurate. The person has to have been online recently. Like if I go to the shop but don’t log onto Snapchat it can show that I’m still at home or I can disappear off it altogether.

  27. That's what happens when your an "actor" who's running a hotel

  28. But… he’s not an actor. You can go there and see him you know. I mean he’s not still acting!

  29. That's the symbol for having enough money to have side mirror defrost in your car.

  30. Then there’s me realising I can’t see in my mirrors half way down the street and freezing my ass off because I’ve put down the window to scrape it off with a bit of cardboard and my failing electrics mean I can’t get the window back up again

  31. Psh that’s what you get for having power window money

  32. Oh I have it all. Electric windows, steering wheel radio controls, electric mirrors.

  33. It tasted a bit different than regular pepsi though, I think the recipe different besides the color

  34. Probably is but I know clear cola wouldn’t be as appealing to me at all. Even if it tasted exactly the same my brain would decide it didn’t.

  35. Always cook ground meat through. Rare is for steaks, not burgers and sausages.

  36. Folks how long until the puking starts

  37. It so depends on where this meat was sourced, how old it is, how it was prepared and who prepared it. If it’s good fresh meat prepared by someone experienced I’d say you’re fine. The outside looks seared at least. Maybe try looking for reviews on the place and if nobody else has complained it might put your mind at ease!

  38. Why did she magnify her face? She looks like she facefucked a beehive then tried to fix it with concealer.

  39. Not even an original thought. I saw this on Twitter by someone else and twice more on TikTok.

  40. This is the stupidest fuckin take I have ever heard.

  41. I’ll admit they got me in the first half but it’s clearly a reference to Seinfeld and not an actual opinion.

  42. It just sounds like a stupid thing to do. Someone could just take your pump out and spill it everywhere as a prank. Unless there is a sensor built in that will stop the pump from distributing gas if it detects the nozzle leaving your gas tank too early?

  43. That’s exactly how pumps are here. Any that I’ve used anyway. They stop if they come out too far and the handle just clicks and nothing comes out.

  44. In high school when my dad said he’d be able to swing half the cost of a used car, it blew my mind. I couldn’t express to him how grateful I was. I was in shock and must’ve said thank you 100 times. I had no real say in what kind of car. Had no room to be picky just needed to be reliable and I couldn’t be happier.

  45. Some people are raised to be so out of touch with reality. This upsets me soooo much because I’m disabled and my 04 car is absolutely falling apart and I’m literally spiralling into a depression because of it. Cars have more than quadrupled in price and I can’t walk very far! 😭

  46. I always think that a loan for a car is acceptable if you don’t have the savings. If you’re going to be driving 100km a day commuting (for example), there’s no point using what money you have to get an old, run down car. It will just cost you more in repairs in the long run

  47. Yeah I got a 1.5k loan for a €650 car and insurance and tax. I still have the car and owe less than 250 on the loan.

  48. His one “nice” outfit: Nikes, 25-year-old ill-fitting pleated khaki pants, no belt, a lime green button down shirt 1.5 sizes too big. White flat brim cap optional. Perfect for graduations, funerals, and church, and court.

  49. Where I’m from it just has to be a matching brand name tracksuit and white Nikes freshly cleaned with a baby wipe.

  50. You get seen in order of severity if issue. This is standard. Sprained ankle can wait. I work in a hospital also. There's not a day goes by that security isn't dragging someone out cause their kid has a cough but the person who just came in not breathing or responsive goes first.

  51. I thought this was common bloody knowledge. I have often been the first one in and the last one out!

  52. Exactly. That’s what makes it entitled. She thinks she doesn’t have to wait like everyone else!

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