1. In Toy Box mode, yes. The 1.0 play sets are not available on any other versions of the game.

  2. So say I bought the 2.0 game disc for ps4, the base portal and characters from the 1.0 version would be able to be played on there, correct?

  3. Maybe some kind of ridgeback/pitbull mix? Pretty sure it was a mutt either way though.

  4. Why did that montage feel so awkward to me

  5. Why is Maddie’s name in the article spelled “Mad(die)”

  6. I wholeheartedly believe the “having each other’s back” line is not a coincidence. It’s been mentioned way too many times for it to be.

  7. It doesn’t appear it will happen in the first half, but hopefully, in the second half, a Ravi Begins episode.

  8. I wonder what they could be filming/doing that involves swings in a building? Does anyone know what episode they were filming?

  9. I find it interesting they didn't put Eddie with chimney and keep Lucy with the crew... mind you I have no idea who the lady is with them, a regular paramedic placement?

  10. She’s a background paramedic, they gave her the name Julie Rosen in Ghost Stories last season.

  11. I think he’s doing a sideways peace sign ✌️

  12. I wasn’t sure if it was a second finger in Oliver’s picture or just his knuckle cause it looked short 💀 but a peace sign makes sense!

  13. “Till Forever Falls Apart” will always be my tsunami arc anthem.

  14. First guess is the innards of a turbine flow meter.

  15. What did this person do for a living and/or did they have any sort of printer or cutting type machinery? Looks like an attachment I've used in the past for a plotter. It could draw, cut, score, and I'm sure other things. If you find other accessories for it, like knife blades, pens, etc that may be it! The part show would go in the machine, and if there's a hole at the bottom, the attachments would go in there

  16. Ok, I may have fibbed in the title a little bit 😅 it wasn’t a family member’s house that I was cleaning out, it was just easier to say that to explain why I was there. A family member’s friend of a friend knew these people, so I don’t actually know anything about who’s house it was or have a relation to them. The clean out just got passed down/offered for my mom to do because she flips furniture/ resells items and what not. This item was really out of place in this house, as it appeared they did a lot of painting, sewing and pottery (based of all the items found in the attic) but there was no machinery around. I’m not sure how they ended up with this object. I know that doesn’t really help any but it’s all I got. 😅

  17. Buck said he misunderstood the assignment when Eddie looked at the cute picture then at Buck. I'm pretty sure in 5th grade the teachers aren't asking their students to draw cute hearts. When I was in 5th grade we started getting introduced to anatomy, by 6th we were disecting worms.

  18. I think I just completely missed the fact that it was a homework assignment and not just a gift they were giving to Eddie to make him feel happy after going to therapy.

  19. That was the joke about him “misunderstanding the assignment”, that they were supposed to draw anatomical ones and he drew a cute goofy one

  20. See I thought it was the other way around and they were “gifting hearts” I guess you can say to Eddie to make him feel better after his therapy session, and Buck being goofy misunderstood and drew an anatomical one 😭😅

  21. Are the drills a metaphor.

  22. If you wanna go there, you may notice that Buck’s pointing his drill at Eddie in both pictures but his hand is blocking it from pointing at Lucy in the third picture 😳😏

  23. They’re both from the 4th episode of the second season too

  24. I noticed that too and I thought how stupid although most fire houses each rig has there own bay door there is still only one drive way to pull out of. I have seen in some shows though to speed up arrival one rig will pull out left and another right and they will take slightly different routes. It makes no sense to have all your trucks parked behind one another. When you can pull up on either side or facing one another.

  25. For the longest time, I thought they did have three bay doors, until one day I noticed all the trucks had to turn towards the middle row and exit that way. That’s what made me realize the other two were just windows with frosted glass looking into other rooms.

  26. Weeeeeell.... are you sure you want to know? If you really want to know about the mismatched exterior...

  27. So what I’m hearing is, that it’s a fake door that leads to nothing because they had to build a fake exterior around the actual studio/warehouse/whatever type of building it is that they film in. Good to know!

  28. Eddie hits a bump in the road that puts a stop to BuckTaylor.

  29. why can't these two options coexist tho? like there's no correlation btw the two and choosing one doesn't exclude the other? i mean obviously eddie is rejoining the 118 but even if that wasn't the case we could still have both with him rejoining once he's ready and them getting together at the right time once they're both ready for a new healthy relationship

  30. They can coexist (unless it’s seen as being emotionally compromised with such a high-risk job to work together, as someone else in the comments pointed out)! But for the most part, it was just a hypothetical scenario, I was curious to see what the ratio of people preferred to see happen next if you took the both option away.

  31. Why are these mutually exclusive. Why can’t Eddie rejoin the 118 and with his new found mental health priorities uses that as a bouncing board to explore a healthy relationship with buck and they support each other as they always do.

  32. I completely agree with you and I personally hope that that’s what happens! I was just interested in seeing what people favored more; Eddie with Buck or Eddie on the 118!

  33. A homeless man got his head nearly decapitated in one near me a couple of years ago from the lid slamming shut on him while trying to get clothes out of it.

  34. I made the same connection with the Lucy/Lena parallel and how they are responsible for their respective idiot doing something collosally stupid! Lucy better stay the hell away from the lockers...

  35. Oh gosh, you’re right. Curse the 118 and their glass see-through locker room 😭✋

  36. That conversation between the parents had me going 👀 too. It even brought up terrible grandparents. Then again, according to Kristen Reidel we read too much into things and the will isn't going to get brought up again, so maybe it'll remain just another lost opportunity to do something cool.

  37. I’m just gonna pretend that Kristen is playing us all and lying, just to get our hopes down, and then they’re gonna turn the plot around and SURPRISE we were right all along.

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