What’s a good movie to watch stoned?

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  1. They never miss cast, but something about a Simiu Liu type backstory made me root for Shang chi that much more.

  2. Oh yeah that shit snaps you out of an opiate high straight into withdrawals. I believe it blocks the opiate receptors in your brain. It's not pretty.

  3. That’s why when you save someone’s life they usually don’t see it that way freak out. I know I did lmao

  4. Yes, I was one of those people, *solely* out of concern of safety for those involved. Narcan reactions can be differing for everyone and a Good Samaritan can often be the subject of hostilities of the person. I wouldn't do it alone, but if I was with others, I would and I knew I had safety.

  5. Yeah do be aware when you narcan someone you are also putting them into immediate withdrawals. And yes while you just saved their life there is good chance they won’t see it that way.

  6. Hubie Halloween. I started it and was like this movie fucking sucks, smoked a bowl and it immediately became the best movie I'd seen that day.

  7. I was driving on mopac, and thought i saw a motorcycle cop in the middle lane. I ended up passing him only going about 2 mph faster then him.

  8. FUCK THAT. In Texas by state law when a cop turns his lights on you, legally you can turn on your hazards and pull over where you deem the safest place to be. I know this because I wanted to test it and took a fuckwad cop on a low-speed 30MPH chase for 5 miles down Riverside. When he threw a fit, I threw the law at him. And luckily I was right but I probably would have just gotten a warning for my inspection sticker instead of a ticket, but hey you live and ya learn.

  9. Tunnels. Legend of a vast network of tunnels under UT, and also a tunnel that connects what was an old Lockheed building over on Burleson to what was Bergstrom Air Force base, now ABIA. Interesting theory but then we live on top of granite and limestone so who knows.

  10. This is 100 percent true. I know that there was some crazy mob shit under Fido’s on 4th with tunnels leading to the capitol building.

  11. I can confirm. I’m a male whom had long hair. I went through a big Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin phase. This teacher hates it. I’m also short.

  12. You have to hunt for skinny girls on hinge. I wonder why. All the skinny girls are take or don’t need dating apps

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