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Bob Cousy on JJ Redicks comments about playing against firemen and plumbers - "People with less talent will always try to make a name for themselves" and goes on to say "A few of the firemen and plumbers I played with and against, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain I guess he must've fought fires"

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  1. Which…. I don’t get, our defence is super young we’ve got a bunch of rookies we just lost our WR1 and are trying a new type of offence where we spread the ball around more… just cause we’re doing great doesn’t mean we’re peaked

  2. as long as mahomes is on the team anything short of a super bowl win is a disappointment

  3. They were accurate about the Hunter Biden laptop, right wing in fighting is cool and also funny.

  4. i’m not disagreeing with any of that lmao. this sub has been kinda retarded the last few weeks, snd i don’t want to see any “trump is actually based” shit

  5. Yeah for real, what's with leftist burgers and pining for Trump, like there are daily posts about how Trump needs to come back to Twitter because he was soooo funny.

  6. i mean i do agree that he was funny, but yeah wanting him back in office because “joe brandon” or the hildawg are sooooo much worse and/or wanting him back on twitter is terminally online brainworms. people need to take a step back.

  7. A controversial goat pick is George Mikan, not someone who wasn’t even the best center to play in their decade (Shaq)

  8. i don’t know man your response seems to make me think this is a controversial pick

  9. It’s just flat out wrong, if you told someone Hakeem was the greatest player of the 90s you’d laughed at…and you’re talking about All Time

  10. why are you people always making the exact same obviously flawed argument? fucking lmao.

  11. idk man if they were taking theil money i’d think that would be suspect. i also think brace is more suspect and there’s actual merit to what people talk about with him. i just don’t think there’s any merit to liz being an intelligence op because her checks note great uncle was a vet and her grandfather was a bureaucrat for a cia connected airline company, just seems like a reach to me, as someone who is annoyed by “is blank an op” if you have to think about if something is an op, it might as well be an op at that point.

  12. we’re in agreement then. i probably should’ve typed a sentence or two extra explaining that i don’t think it’s every family, just that its less surprising when it’s a wealthy upper class WASP family that are in places like SF, NY, etc. majority of the country, i’d agree that it’s uncommon.

  13. think the craziest thing about this is that the opinions of these two players seem to have changed. i’m ngl i’m on nba twitter (i know, i try to not follow people i think are 14) more than reddit everyone is on the russ is washed train and bad after his stint with the lakers, and everyone loves pat bev after his espn appearances and his antics on the court this year with the t wolves.

  14. i m moving out of my house july 31st, it is a three bedroom, unfinished basement on 19th and Naismith. 1200 a month. if you are interested DM me and i can just pass the lease onto you, will make it easier on my landlord

  15. If this goes bad, this means there isn't checks and balances for state judiciaries for every election that isn't directly for the president. Your racist state legislature made a gerrymandered map, well guess what, the people you have to complain to is that same legislature. Your state voted for Biden, well not any more, the legislature ruled the election was unlawful somehow and the legislature send their own slate of electors to Washington for the electoral college count. This is the crux of the Jan. 6th committee hearing going on right now. Basically, if some fuckery happens in your election, its not in the hands of a supposedly independent judiciary which has law experience and some motivation to interpret the constitution, the case is now in the hands of the very legislature probably responsible for the fuckery in the first place, who have the motivation to get reelected. Additionally, the separate part of this is that it only applies to elections of senators and representative meaning they can have separate laws for state elections vs presidential elections. Meaning separate ballots, separate voter registration systems, separate election days, separate whatever.

  16. i think jordan has the title of GOAT locked down, but i think lebron is the better basketball player.

  17. i’ve made this turn many times and ever thought about it. you don’t ever realize how stupid it actually is until you get a birds eve view.

  18. you know when you’re at work and you don’t really want to work so you make up some bullshit issue where you can “solve” without doing anything and get credit for it from your boss? i like to think it’s something like that

  19. kevin durant is also invested in drone technology the isrealis use. inshallah brother brown and the c’s will defeat the zionist state warriors

  20. The warriors players love hanging out with Silicon Valley VC freaks. Iggy is into that shit too

  21. yeah, not gonna act like it’s surprising since they’re in SF but it still sucks to see. more reason to hate them i guess

  22. if you bring back an average player, any player that wasn’t in the upper echelon from the 50’s, that didn’t have the chance to take advantage of what you mentioned, they’d get played off the court.

  23. i know biologically we’re the same as humans from the 50s 60’s but man basketball sure has gotten better as a whole since them. more players, more elite players, better athletes, more efficiency, and less shitty stat lines that people try go push as “great”

  24. i was born in a small town, a literal square mile across the state, 365 miles away. we are now in the same congressional district. lmao

  25. How the fuck does TMZ know literally everything lol???

  26. one thing TMZ does is they’ll pay for stories (obviously) but what some people don’t know is that police officers, hospital workers, etc. will sell the stories to TMZ, as they’re often times the first people to learn whatever story is is they sell.

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