1. I mean maybe…it doesn’t seem likely we’ll ever know her full backstory so we can only speculate.

  2. Lol, you just know there’s gonna be tons of empress Luz fanart now leading up to watching and dreaming. Tbf tho she does look cool in the belos drip.

  3. I made a theory on this. My theory is that it’s probably some kind of role play nightmare where she IS Belos. Basically it’s kind of like a reverse of what the core did with Marcy in Amphibia, whereas Marcy was put in a dream with her greatest desires come true, Luz is in a nightmare with her worst fears come true. In this case like I said she IS Belos, she‘s the villain and she probably was responsible for things like her friends getting petrified. Now of course just as Marcy got out of her dream by finally rejecting fantasy and accepting reality Luz will have to get out of this most likely by realizing that she isn’t like Belos despite what she did and that even though she did help him she’s still a much better person than he is.

  4. This is most likely part of a dream as in the shot right before this we see Luz in Belos clothing.

  5. I guessed owl originally…but I did also guess bat at one point so ye I was right (technically).

  6. Hi, ik im late but I would love to see sort of like a mini-prequel series. Documenting what was going on during the mushroom war as well as after it ended after the bomb dropped. Think of fantastic beasts and how it’s a prequel to Harry Potter and explains all the people and events that lead up to the current Harry Potter timeline. That’s kind of what I envision for a prequel series about the mushroom war.

  7. Do you mean Wordle? Big trend about 12 months ago?

  8. Ooh ok. Yes I think that’s the one, and of course I spelt it wrong lol. Ok so it’s NOT a new game, I’m just far behind on trends i guess. Well thanks for the info.

  9. "Wow, I guess all actors aren't complete pieces of shit"

  10. I like how she was so straight up with that 😆. Like she’s so straightforward with everything she says,

  11. That would be interesting. I’m not sure what would’ve happened but if you want a really wild theory what if it was Mike x Jasmine and Shawn x Zoey. Basically the ships are reversed.

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