Escalator failure in Turkey

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My friend has Covid and complained to the HR manager after his boss told him to come into work ‘because he is symptomless, so basically not sick’. Here was the response:

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  1. Explore the open world and do all the side quests to try to make it last as long as possible.

  2. Random question: Do you put this under your eyes too? I have this and I was wondering if anyone has tried it

  3. One of my massive fears is falling and dying in the shower, so i got a bathmat with little scrubby nubbins all over it so while i shuffle around in the shower i clean my tootsies without the balancing act.

  4. My sweet scrubby secret:

  5. I use Not Your Mother’s, hopefully that wasn’t contaminated too!

  6. I don’t want to watch it. :( I’m still curious if it says what country it happened in though, was it China?

  7. Its okay if you don't want to watch it, its not graphic but I understand that some people don't want to see that kind of stuff in general.

  8. That’s really sad. Thank you for writing that out, I appreciate it. I can’t really watch videos like that because it makes me too sad for them. Her poor son.

  9. I am still searching. Right now I am using Danessa Myricks Evolution in Shade 1 and I like it okay but I think I have used more finely milled powders in the past.

  10. For finely milled check out ILIA’s soft focus powder, it is great. Besides that the Givenchy Prisme Libre powder is fantastic, but expensive. I like it because the colors combined cancel out darkness under my eyes when used with my concealer. I got it for 20% off during Sephora’s sale and I wish I had bought two (I bought two ilia powders but they are translucent, but still very finely milled, which should be good for most people who don’t need extra coverage from powder)

  11. Honesty and empathy is on everyone’s profile but I’ve found no one really knows what empathy means.

  12. I tried to turn the Soon Jung moisturizer upside down to get the extra product out. I plan to eventually buy a mini spatula to get the rest out.

  13. It took me 3 rereads of the title and multiple scroll throughs to find out where the paint was. I was like, did they paint over the empty bottles? They look normal to me… what is painted? Where is the paint…. Ohhhh

  14. If you get any pieces from the collection at Sephora (they only got the palette, highlighters and eye liners), it will stack with the holiday sale deals. I was able to get the palette for 26 dollars because of the additional 20 percent I got for being Rouge.

  15. Hmmmm might actually do this for Christmas gifts. And then selfishly, I could grab something for myself too 😂 I’ve always wanted the toasted palette, but absolutely have no reason to own it based on my current collection which has a lot of browns. If anyone here owns it, how do you like it? Can you get a range of looks or does it all bleed into one muddy brown?

  16. I’ve actually found that it pairs nicely with the In Bloom palette. On it’s own there are a lot of browns, but paired there are a lot more looks. I got them both for 50% off during the last sale.

  17. What corrector do you use with that Mac concealer and what powder do you use to set it? I used to use that one and had trouble covering with it, and I remember by midday my skin would look a bit dry. But it was so long ago I’ve been thinking of trying it out again with a different powder and corrector.

  18. I use a Mac prep and prime corrector in peach lustre. Or sometimes Elf hydrating camo concealer in tan sand (since it dries and turns into an orange shade- completely different to what I expected). For powder I use one from maybelline- I don't use it much as I prefer a dewy overall finish.

  19. Wow! Do you find your under eyes stay covered and the makeup in place all day with this Mac concealer even if you don’t use powder?

  20. Is it weird that I actually want that? That would make a pretty cool notebook

  21. Does anyone have more information about the needles that were being stuck into people during this concert? I read something about an EMT who was trying to help someone who had passed out suddenly feeling a prick and then passing out after being drugged by whatever it was, and heard about a few other people being stuck with them as well. Wondering what the drug was and how many people that happened to…

  22. That Kopari lip stuff is my favorite lip product ever! Did you like it?

  23. Love how a lot of the stuff your complaining about was explained in the movie. Clearly we watched different movies if you thought everyone just stood around doing nothing.

  24. Look, this is what a lot of people who haven’t read the book or seen the other movies are saying. You might not like it and everyone can downvote all you want, but this is the truth about how a lot of people feel. This thread is also FOR non-readers. So if you’ve read the book you shouldn’t be weighing in with your opinions and downvotes. I really don’t think you should be if you’ve seen the previous movies either, but this thread only specified with non-readers. This should be a safe place for people to share their honest feedback without Dune fans going around trying to punish them for it.

  25. Yep this is where I’m at. I went in expecting to love the movie, it didn’t even cross my mind that I’d just be waiting for something to happen for two and a half hours. I couldn’t ever tell what the conflict really was, it was just a lot of scenes maneuvering people into different places with little to no context. I know I came off pretty heated in my other comment, but I was just really disappointed and it seemed like I was the only one. Also everyone praising the audio but I couldn’t understand what anyone was saying any time there was music or sound effects. And then the movie just…ends. There wasn’t really any resolution to anything. Felt like a 2.5 hour trailer for the next movie.

  26. I also went in expecting to love it. I’m a huge sci-fi and fantasy fan. I actually got upset midway through the movie when I realized it had been over an hour and we were still meeting characters and nothing was happening. I quelled it and waited until the end, giving it a chance to surprise me, and when it ended I was pretty upset.

  27. Once it's baked, portion it into a muffin tin, freeze in the tin, then transfer to a freezer Ziploc bag. You can microwave the frozen muffin sized portions for a minute for an instant delicious breakfast!

  28. I will definitely try this out this weekend, I’m looking forward to actually eating breakfast next week. Thank you again for sharing your recipe!

  29. Omg, I had forgotten about this recipe! Thanks for the reminder! How did you even find it?

  30. I typed in “overnight oats vs oatmeal Reddit” in Google and it brought me to this post. I want to start eating more oatmeal, but I don’t want to have to cook it every morning because I don’t have that much time, so I was looking into overnight oats since you can pre-make it. But baked oatmeal is an easy way to eat it too that I’m gonna try out now!

  31. I have hormonal acne and it was bad enough for me to go on Accutane. I used Retin-A for a year before that with no success. After Accutane, I tried this EA retinol for wrinkles - I have 2 noticeable lines on forehead. Didn’t work. Then my acne came back and I asked my derm to up the strength of Retin-A. Used it for about another year - and well, now I started 2nd course of Accutane 😂

  32. I’m sorry you are going through that. Do you use any chemical exfoliants (BHA or AHA)? I suggest giving that PC one a shot. I’d probably still be dealing with the inflamed pimples I had if I hadn’t used that to beat them down.

  33. The weird thing is my diet changed but in a good way - I ate much more veggies now compared to years ago. The hormonal acne is strange. When I had wacky period, the acne was more controllable than when I had it regularly 😂

  34. I do think it’s mean, especially given how sweet he is. BUT to address the comment that this is dangerous, she gave him no more than 1 teaspoon of salt if you look at that spoon size. That’s not a measuring spoon, it’s a smaller teaspoon. Often times people don’t know their measurements. Go to your kitchen and look at how much fits in a proper measuring tablespoon, they are huge.

  35. Incorrect, a real runner doesn’t stop at lights and runs into incoming traffic

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