1. I’m not trying to be a jerk to you but what is your source that these cars were stolen a lot?

  2. You’re forcing style on each individual letter and it looks horrible

  3. Drawing in books won’t help can control, paint as much as you can. don’t listen to reddit nerds saying stick to the books

  4. I just got a full custom exhaust done at a shop, cat, resonator and muffler for $1050. And they’re trying to charge almost 7k for a cat????

  5. Remove the tensioner with the bracket off the car so you can remove that bolt.

  6. That’s not what you loosen to get the belt off

  7. hey, I have a few questions about the painting process bc im about to do my civic dx but reddit won't let me pm you. Ive watched a bunch of videos but everybody seems to either have different techniques or use different products. Should I be wet sanding each layer pf paint/primer/clear before the next or do I do the sanding once my final coat(of the respective paint) is done. like would i only sand primer after my last layer/ only sand the paint once ive laid down my last coat? Also, how long should i be waiting to apply additional coats and how long after coats do i wait to sand? I'd appreciate and advice you can throw my way

  8. Hey mate so I only wet sanded my primer after I fully coated it and waited 2 days to sand. same with my final coat I also waited 2 days to wet sand. Don’t sand every coat you lay and also if you are doing primer-base coat-clear coat you don’t sand the base coat. I waited about 10 mins between coats also

  9. Got it thanks a lot, do you have any tips for the RPM rules for the Buffer? Don't wanna over do it.

  10. I brought an orbital buffer and I just spread the product on the lowest speed then crank it to max and work in a 2x2ft section

  11. Drop the underline and star, write it over and over again in your blackbook, at least 1000 times. Then come back here when you’ve done that and show us

  12. Everyone saying it’s not worth it and it’s too expensive can you chuck some links to cheaper ones?

  13. So the rest of the car looks good for a rattle can paint job besides the roof, I’ve wet sanded with 1500 then 2000 then used maguires compound and polish but the roof still stays dull and abit hazy. Single stage rustoleum 2x gloss black. What could be the problem?

  14. Well it isn’t because the rest of the car looks fine, very helpful tho thanks

  15. Thanks man, yea real shame about the paint, gonna save up for a professional respray after my k-swap🤓

  16. DIY can be cheap and look nice check my recent post, 2000 ek sedan d16y4 🫡

  17. I had a stripped calliper bracket nut and had to pay $82 for a set of five (aus) because they didn’t sell singles and just returned them after haha

  18. I’d say about $300 for all the paint, sand paper and wax and grease remover. I burnt through a few spots while buffing so I’m fixing them all up and I’ll post more pics. Yeah definitely I’m scared it will fade fast, hopefully wax will protect it

  19. Excuse me it's Sunday and I want an orange Kangoo.

  20. I went with a single stage gloss black, if I had more money I would of used a base coat black then 2k clear coat for sure

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