Man I’m actually pissed. My mother got rid of my first pet without warning me.

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  1. She snapped at me. :( And she called me immature and said our friend and I ganged up on her. That sounds sensitive to me, she has anger issues I think.

  2. You don’t get to touch someone’s hair without their permission like you’re at a petting zoo and then accuse THEM of having anger issues. Look inward. You’re the one who was rude, not your friend.

  3. Why do catfishes who are unattractive always catfish people who are attractive and way out of their league, and then hope since they made a connection with them emotionally, they hope or think that they will overlook how physically unappealing they are. people want physical beauty FIRST and the rest second, infact they are willing to overlook ALL faults and red flags as long as the beauty is there.

  4. What also gets to me is that some of these people getting catfished aren't very attractive themselves.

  5. Lol sometimes that is the case and I feel so mean but the catfish always ends up being the most unattractive.

  6. But if you’re not homophobic and there’s nothing wrong with being gay then why can’t your kids see a LGBTQ+ parade on Blue’s Clues? You can’t say you’re not homophobic and then the next sentence is “I don’t want my 2 year old to see that”

  7. But in an alternate universe where tv makes kids gay, why would that be bad? What’s wrong with being gay? You know how many times I’ve heard gay people say they’ve known their sexuality since they were like 5 years old?? So tv isn’t the deciding factor lol.

  8. That’s what I think too lol. This show has been on for too long and exposed too many toxic/unstable people for anybody to be pursuing an online relationship.

  9. Yeah I’m sorry but I can’t believe she really thought she had a child out there that she had never met or even seen a picture/video of. I understand she wanted to be a mother but I agree with you that she didn’t want to think critically.

  10. She just suddenly decided she doesn’t like dogs after a whole month? Why did she let you bring him home and bond with him if that’s how she always felt? This makes no sense.

  11. I know that's the general opinion of reddit. I think that's a really privileged perspective generally from white families. The mom can't be the asshole forever for having more kids. Culturally and depending on their race as well the perspective can be quite different.

  12. I’m not saying it because it’s the general opinion or because I’m white. I’m black and my parents or any of my non-white friends’ parents never asked for rent money when we were 15. To me that’s just common sense. I’m not saying the mom is the AH forever for having 6 kids, but she’s the AH right now for having 6 kids, not being able to support them as a mother should, and guilt tripping OP with that “I fed you and clothed you” garbage even though that’s the bare minimum for parents.

  13. There's no great blanket way to say it as there's differences between demographics and factors I don't feel like quizzing a stranger on. I'm latino/native, definitely happened to a couple of my Mexican friends, definitely happened to more of my black friends, pretty much never happened to my white friends. If it didn't happen in your area/tax bracket then happy days for you. Privilege isn't equally spread by race.

  14. You know what? There isn’t anything wrong with a kid contributing, but there is something wrong with the way OP’s mom asked for help. If the family is struggling and need a little financial help, OP’s mom should have asked kindly and respectfully to contribute some rent money. She could have said “Hey, OP. I’m sorry to ask you this, but we’re really struggling here and could use some extra money. Would you mind contributing by giving me some of your check every month? But please continue saving for your future.”

  15. i will forever be pissed about how zig ruined his relationship with tori for MAYA, attempted to get between MAYA and cam, and spent all this time chasing MAYA…… JUST TO CHEAT ON HER.

  16. EXACTLY!!! I’m doubly mad that he cheated on her with Zoe just because she wasn’t answering his messages. Yeah, she could have said “hey I love you but I need to focus and I promise I’ll call you as soon as I can” but she still didn’t deserve to get cheated on.

  17. I always thought Johnny’s hat looked like it smelt bad, a teenage boy who looks that greasy and wear’s something that often, can’t have washed it.

  18. Back the fuck up at cash registers. You don't need to be spelunking in my ass before the cashier even hands me my receipt.

  19. People breathing down your neck in lines in general is so infuriating. Like nobody is going to cut you so step back!!

  20. I think it’s exaggerated because the writers never gave Marisol a storyline that made her look good except for the diabetes thing. Every other time she was on camera for more than a minute she was being a jerk. The writers didn’t give us anything to talk about other than her being a bad friend.

  21. I think part of the problem for Marisol is she doesn't have much to redeem her. There really isn't a good moment list for Marisol. She outs her best friends eating disorder, freaks out about her boyfriend having diabetes and not telling her...frankly I can't think of much more she does. If all the fanbase can remember a character doing is bad, can you blame them for hating that character?

  22. That’s the writer’s fault. They didn’t give Marisol anything to do other than being Katie’s sidekick and a mean girl cheerleader. So all you have to reference is the bad stuff she did. Just like Hazel.

  23. Ever since I saw the Waterford’s supporters last season and the trailer for the upcoming season, I’ve been thinking this exact thing. I don’t understand how anybody could support the actual slavery of women, but like you said, it’s really easy to support that when you’re enjoying your freedom.

  24. Why should she lie? If a guy starts treating her differently because of her job, that’s THIER problem. If they make assumptions, that’s THEIR problem. She was being her honest self.

  25. They aren’t transphobic but it will still come as a surprise. Besides, he’s the only grandson in the family and they might mourn losing him.

  26. Okay so your daughter is supposed to hide her true self and be unhappy because her grandparents might possibly be upset? Why are the grandparents’ theoretical feelings more important than your daughter’s??

  27. On Wikipedia Brick’s middle name is listed as Ishmail. I don’t ever remember them saying it though.

  28. Grace- Zig- Maya. It was completely random that Grace suddenly loved Zig. I'm okay with most other triangles

  29. Yeah it came out of nowhere and it didn’t make sense. That friend group all liked each other so I guess they said why not throw Grace in the mix too

  30. All of these awful shows getting rebooted for nostalgia and the one with actual potential is probably getting dropped. Cool. 😐

  31. Derek sucked and he never learned to be better. It annoyed me so much because he wondered why people got mad at him after doing something obviously horrible. He was very much “how dare you mistreat me after I mistreated you??”

  32. I think until they proved the nudes thing was in fact the cheerleaders, it was a rumor. Like they were being questioned by the police on suspicion of doing it, so there was a rumor it could have been them. If that makes sense.

  33. Why do i feel like this happened? It sound like it would've happened.

  34. Damn. So Jay is gay in this series and is going to be kissing men throughout?

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