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  1. How does every 18 year old on the internet have sexual trauma? You aren’t even old enough to buy alcohol or cigarettes and you out there getting diddled Jfc

  2. The world is riddled with horrible people and pedophiles!

  3. I just don’t think they designed the game for everyone to get BIS everything before the next raid. I think that is a good thing.

  4. It’s just weird going into a raid and having every role or several roles able to MS roll on certain items that are clearly not made for them. I mostly agree though

  5. To make items more strongly bound to specific roles, it seems like you’re suggesting to bring back spec specific stats (like parry, defense, healing power) or to adjust scaling of certain secondaries based on role. Even the latter still might not work because extra healing throughput comes from a stat that also contributes to damage so you might end up with role-specific stats like back in classic.

  6. Well like all-totem is cool because it’s an offensive/hybrid trinket that requires you to get hit to activate so it’s really made for tanking. Maybe more items built that way

  7. And you don’t know what requires or doesn’t require consent. Legally he’s clear. And i’m willing to bet OP doesn’t give a flying fuck how Mister_Way feels about it

  8. There are so many things you can do that are totally legal and still make you an inconsiderate asshole. I wasn't talking about legality, you boor.

  9. Not when shes not even fucking identified. Do you ask your girl if you can wipe your own ass too?

  10. Bro these people commenting to call the police are fuckin weird. You’re a legend now. Fyi nothing in high school stays private. You learned a lesson. Take your high fives from your boys and move on

  11. Should’ve knocked that old fuck out. You fucking lay a hand on my daughter and I’m going into a blind rage. I’m NOT a violent person, but that’s a fucking line you don’t cross.

  12. I simmed it recently with a buddy and lfr is not better than mythic bow off eranog. Why do people keep repeating this? The normal raz bow wasnt even better. The heroic bow was slightly above 418 crafted

  13. I do 6 heroic bosses, at least 8 m20s on 3-4 chars a week. Never seen one. Across all chars i probably kill a total of 34 ish bosses, do 40-60 m+. Never seen a singleeeeee spark

  14. Did you really just use cats as an excuse to get dunked on by your bf? Jfc

  15. You think that people that refuse to watch guides are toxic? You really need to re-evaluate the word "toxic". "Toxic: very harmful or unpleasant in a pervasive or insidious way."

  16. You missed the entire point guy. Never did i say i expect 100k overall, 36 kicks and 0 deaths. I expect people to play at the key level they are doing. Missing a kick here and there happens at every key level. However, admitting you didnt even know you had to jump to clear arcane lockdown in a 15 is unacceptable. Now look you took time to write several paragraphs and in the end you clearly didn’t read the post

  17. So much copium in that guys video. “Even if dbm tells you to jump, so what?”

  18. Dude it’s okay, you’re trying to make yourself out to be a victim, instead of actually processing how this is linked to anti blackness. It’s unoriginal, and everyone can see you’re racist and unoriginal.

  19. I’m a victim? I got a full ride homie. The fuck am I a victim of? You’re just made they made a sign that shows the hypocrisy of the entire system of AA

  20. Go back to Twitch Joey. I’m sure they are more impressed with you there. Next time, actually have a conversation with someone or ,novel idea, just ignore the comment they made. You show more about yourself than if you just left it alone.

  21. Yeah you lost an argument on the internet. You cant even win those 😂

  22. Enhance will get you in the most groups out of those, assuming you mean the dps specs

  23. POV: you’re a soyboy vegan without a shred of masculinity and your username is that of a fictional character who raped and murdered people in a tv show

  24. You motherfucker. You fucking knew we’d go look. Fuck you

  25. Dogs more important than women. Ask yourself do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t love dogs, assuming you’re a dog lover?

  26. You probably shouldn’t be bringing a guy you used to fuck to house you share with your fiancé.

  27. How the fuck is no one else saying this? Bunch of cucks

  28. Besides the fact ive never seen one do more than 20k hps which is ass on the 20s I pug they do increased healing by being closer to your targets and if they're in melee healing they fail to reach me in the back as ranged and lack aoe besides their frontal cone heal that once again heals for more the closer you are and has massive drop off.

  29. I disagree. With sac, toll, bop, freedom and a dispell in addition to bubble/bubble taunt, i feel like hpals do just fine

  30. Good for you. I'll change my mind when I see one do better than my left ball sack smashing my keyboard

  31. Paladins as a class, meaning their kit and tools they bring are not unfriendly to pug with. However, the fact that what separates a bad and good hpal are the cd usages since that’s what kind of makes or breaks the class….make pugging hpals unfriendly

  32. Don’t worry all the people commenting hateful things are surely well educated on vaccinations and their potential side effects. Surely…. Right?..

  33. No one asked what you wanted. Answer the man’s question or don’t expect an answer to yours

  34. Why are you even involving between two people’s conversations and I asked the first question just FYI 😜

  35. Because it’s reddit and I can. If you can’t reciprocate you can’t expect others to answer. And by answering his question, you will have answered your own as well

  36. Worst take i’ve ever seen. And no adult refers to another adult and says “boys will be boys” lmao. You reading way too much reddit. Half the posts on here aren’t real, sorry to be the one to tell you

  37. just because they are scuzzy, doesn't make them look skuzzy. there is literally nothing in this photo that would make me thing they are crazy dirtbags. ( other than knowing they are politicians)

  38. I still don’t know who they are but they just look like a nice couple having a good time

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