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  1. Aren't eggs 4-5 dollars a dozen? Minimum here is more than 3 times that.

  2. Eggs are 8 to 9 a dozen by me right now. Found one store for 1.99 recently though, everyone else is 8 to 9.

  3. I think Direct CDs are rather good. Sallie Mae's 27 at 5% being the best of the lot. You only pay 2.5% to cash out early so if rates go up a lot you can get out reasonably cheap and if they don't you are getting a stable 5%.

  4. Many regular bank high yield CD's are in the 4+% range for 1 to 2 year durations, and that isn't bad.

  5. You are down 52% overall, and think you've "done pretty well"??

  6. That's insane, almost 1000 in Washington. Also our online system works really well. At least compared to the others ive used

  7. Wow. Tempting to "stay" unemployed for a while there. I wonder how hard it would be (once on UI) to apply but not technically accept job offers for a while? Would WA chase after your applications to verify you turned them down?

  8. ......"so we will have info sooner than the week or two BBB will take to announce??

  9. We also found out today, and weren't on the list last week. The new list doesn't include all stores so we could assume that there are some stores staying open.

  10. That's the list that was announced last week. We had heard that at the end of last week. So this is a new list that hasn't hit the news yet

  11. Yup same thing happened for us today too. 😢 It’s bittersweet.

  12. Ken Griffin isn’t going to jail and you’re never getting the money back that you blew on meme stocks no matter how hard you try to brigade other subreddits with your bullshit. If MOASS truly was inevitable then your brigading would be pointless, but deep down you know that you made a shitty investment and the only way out is to con someone else into taking the bag off your hands.

  13. Very well said and completely agree. Amazing how ridiculous the meme bro's are with their "hopium". WOW.

  14. Yeah a lot of people don't realize that we're still having supply chain issues. Alot of our stuff comes from China and China is shut down right now.

  15. Wrong. China is open and "supply chain issues" was 2020-2021. Now the issue is not being able to pay suppliers for merchandise

  16. Haha oh really. That's what you think. Then why are other companies having the same problem? I was a manager at Michael's for 10 years I go to lunch with the manager that replaced me every week they're still having the same supply chain problems.

  17. Well, I would say that with MANY stores on here reporting that they have gotten ZERO merchandise for over a month would tell you it is NOT a "supply chain issue". There may still be SOME items in delay and oos, but not entire brands across the store out. GO in to one and see for yourself.

  18. what are you going to do when they actually file for bankruptcy?

  19. Well when you work for a store in their district you are able to look at numbers…and numbers would say this store makes $$$.

  20. But most major retailers (Bed bath too) LEASE their properties and don't "own" them, so impossible to "sell their most expensive properties" when they don't own them. You sure you are able to look at those numbers??

  21. Remove the wheel / tire and take it in to have it repaired. Should be very easy to just remove entire wheel.

  22. Wow, you are making us work too hard to figure out what the heck you are talking about. One crummy pic doesn't show anything.

  23. If the cleaners dont work, get a porcelain cleaning "block" (for lack of actual name). It is made from porous porcelain and seems like it will scratch, but doesnt. Used to be at places like bed bath, but not there now. Maybe loews or home depot. About the size of a bar of soap and has no chemicals, just same material as sinks and toilets. Works.

  24. Is there a public list yet? Any list I look it is from earlier this month and does not have the two stores I mentioned listed

  25. I don't think he's saying he didn't commit suicide he just didn't jump off a roof. Idk what happened to the guy but apparently he didn't jump from a roof

  26. ?? Story always said jumped off 18th floor, so no idea where "roof" came from too.

  27. Blue coupons stop and are replaced with a generic 20% that works on everything. This is the initial markdown. It is increased from there. We were just informed yesterday and this is the information that I have so far. No idea when our final day is as of yet is. From what I understand it’s approximately 4 weeks from announcement to doors closed.

  28. Lol how much did Kenny’s bf pay you for this post?

  29. You don't think they are defaulting on loans? Did you not read the 10Q, or is that fake too?

  30. Funny you knew exactly who I was talking about lmfao hi shill

  31. Say you are a duped bag holder, without saying you are a duped bag holder huh?

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