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  1. "The last ray of dying BRRRRRRRT"

  2. Just asked if anyone can confirm, never thought that also reddit community was toxic.

  3. You are in the wrong place if you want a community that isn't toxic

  4. You will have to find them locally at this point.

  5. i don’t like that i know this but yes that is the vore option

  6. Yeah they set the bar way too high on those lmao.

  7. Just managed to grab a 3-fan 3070 for sub-MSRP from EVGA the other day, feels good. Not a massive upgrade over my 2070S, but my brother's 5700XT has given him nothing but issues.

  8. The A380 is apparently not great but the A750 shows some promise.

  9. I've heard they're insanely dependent on PCIe bandwidth and ReBAR but I could be mistaken.

  10. The Resizable BAR thing has definitely been proven by Gamers Nexus.

  11. Can't use ReBAR on PCIe3 so I guess that settles that lol.

  12. I'd like to believe that this historical liberty is intentional on Ubi's part as an addition to the "Abstergo controls everything" plot. In our time, of course the Borgias wouldn't look that bad because Abstergo knows they were Templars and would want them to look good. And they'd want those that opposed them, even in the past, to look as evil as possible.

  13. I hope this game gets survival mechanics. Would love to scavenge for rations and water on a higher difficulty setting. Optional ofc.

  14. Just use charcoal to make more charcoal.

  15. Unity has its issues but the parkour gives you an incredible amount of control if you get used to it. You just have to know when to hit which buttons for the appropriate action.

  16. Not java. Most powerful pc in the world will struggle with this game because of single threaded programming language. (No, bedrock is not the answer. Its too late, 99% of mods/resource packs/plugins/etc are made for java)

  17. Yeah, this would be nice. Apparently Mojang tried hiring the Optifine and Sodium/Fabric people but failed at both, meaning we're stuck needing to mod the game to make it playable for anyone on older hardware :(

  18. ASUS makes high-refresh ProArt displays that are usually more reasonably-priced to some degree.

  19. It's a colour-accurate professional display. In what way would anything beyond 60 Hz be useful for that? They don't need a higher refresh rate for photo/video editing.

  20. For making content that runs higher than 60 Hz

  21. Would love a full remake of MGS1 with more hints about him being dropped in. Maybe even a convo between him and Liquid similar to the Johnson-Kruschev convo from MGS3.

  22. /uj No, neither Lenin nor Stalin were fascists. Fascism is what happens when imperialist capitalism decays, and as a final attempt to stop a socialist revolution, the bourgeoisie fall in ranks with fascists. We saw this in Germany, in the face of socialist revolution in 1918-19, the bourgeoisie, and the moderate social democrats fell in line and sided with the Freikorps, the predecessors of the Sturmabteilung. The Freikorps hunted down and shot the socialist revolutionaries, including Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht. After the failed revolution and the killing of the socialists, there was nothing stopping the fascists from gaining social power, economic power, and political power.

  23. Sir this is a shitposting subreddit

  24. My brother got a CyberPower PC with a R7 3700X, 16 gigs of DDR4-3200, a 500gb ssd and 2tb hdd, and a 2070 Super for only $1400 US back in 2019.

  25. It varies on your use patterns and your own eyes. The only time I noticed a lot of difference was when moving between my Pixio PX277 Prime IPS monitor and my Samsung Odyssey G7 VA monitor. That being said, the Odyssey G7 has insanely-good contrast even among VA planels and, if I recall correctly, is second only to OLED panels in most testing.

  26. No, the oddyssey g7 does not have 'insanely good contrast' for VA, in fact it's below average and no where near Oled. The neo G7, however, is a different story.

  27. Must've confused it for another monitor then, my bad.

  28. Skyrim had booba mods the day it launched.

  29. The One X and Series S/X version already could be considered a remaster, besides that Arthur was a much more interesting character.

  30. I beg to differ. The game runs slightly smoother and at higher resolution, but it's still capped at 30 fps and the textures are still pretty low-resolution. The game has a good enough artstyle to look decent, but comparing it to RDR2 is like a night-and-day difference.

  31. People are willing to wait until cards aren't insane prices to buy them. Miners are seeing record-low profitability from gaming cards. Gaming in general has been struggling, as high-graphics games like Cyberpunk are releasing in awful states. There aren't as many incentives to buy a stupidly-powerful, stupidly-expensive card.

  32. "Lets consumers receive discounts in offline stores"

  33. See my reply to the other guy, I can't be bothered typing it out twice.

  34. Nope, as someone that plays on mid range PC from 8 years ago, I can't believe how a game like GTA 5, with amazing graphics will run on my PC with no problems at all, but Minecraft (latest versions of the game) will absolutely kill my PC.

  35. Minecraft Java Edition is heavily CPU intensive, your GPU only helps carry a small amount of that game's performance by comparison. Programs like Optifine or Sodium Fabric exist for the sole purpose of improving that game's performance by a large margin.

  36. I wasn't thinking about that when I writed the comment earlier. I use Sodium, but still terrible performance... In 1.8.9 version I can play 16 chunks without a problem, without any lag spikes or fps drops, but in the newest version I can play at 8 chunks render distance and still have issues.

  37. That's odd, even on a decently-crowded SMP server I don't have any major issues apart from lag spikes that have been present throughout many years and many versions of MC. My 5600X would usually lose to most Intel processors when it comes to MC Java performance as well.

  38. HDMI 2.1 can handle 4k 144Hz

  39. HDMI's official website says even HDMI 2.1a only supports [email protected] but maybe you can turn off everything else to reach 144? At that point you're either going in hard on DSC and/or sacrificing everything else like VRR and HDR.

  40. Purchasing an additional DisplayPort now. For whatever reason I thought hdmi 2.1 was the one time it was superior to DisplayPort 1.4.

  41. Not really, sadly. HDMI does have the benefit of a thinner cable size and a less-bulky adapter but that's about it. And I think DP 1.4a will be the one you're looking for, it should support a higher quality of Display Stream Compression that you'll need for going above basic 4k 144Hz (VRR, HDR, etc)

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