My mushroom knowledge SUCKS 😵 (pics taken 6 hours apart)

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  1. Glad him and his girl ok but this nigga first thought was to take a pic and post this on the gram???🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Many people who have never understood the concept of personal responsibility believe that the killings are a result of everyone else’s actions except the dickheads pulling the trigger

  3. because dude aint aiming they just hoping to spray a porch with about 8

  4. Half the bullets damn near went in the air how he was squeezin that mf

  5. Man ion see how niggas feel entitled to other niggas money smh. Herb probably put plenty money in that hood over the years. Them niggas better get to scamming like 051

  6. yeah but this aint a special mindset, this is how most people think. Lofty vague goals that reference someone elses success who themselves were not trying to copy others

  7. He wanna be just like the rappers and dope dealers lmao. Literally the same mindset every kid in the hood has.

  8. Before you do that, TV lists brokers that you can sign up for and it’ll give you data in TV

  9. The more I see images like that, the more i think animals have feelings that we can't even begin to comprehend.

  10. They have brains like we have brains. I’m willing to bet they can have consciousness thoughts the same way we can, just without words.

  11. The only bird that can fly backwards also. Amazing

  12. Why do we even need a new math class? Why don't a bunch of math profs design one Math 101 that's recorded and taught. And tutors are assigned to the class. Every quarter the class is revised based on questions that were asked.

  13. Hiring manager explained it to me best by saying, "it's not that a degree is necessary but it's a way to whittle down the number of applicants from 1,000 to 100." Are there good employees without degrees? Of course there are. But it's not worth it to sort through a 1-inch stack of resumes to find it when you can do something arbitrary like education.

  14. Arbitrary can’t be the right word for something that costs tens of thousands of dollars

  15. You do know there’s a energy crisis happening in Europe right now right?

  16. Just for perspective the prices in the Netherlands.

  17. I know I could research it, but you mind giving a quick 1 sentence summary of the energy crisis?

  18. I definitely don't think certain mushrooms being dangerous is common sense lol. But I guess at the same time I don't go messing around with mushrooms very often especially with my bare hands.

  19. I drive a Kia and I live in Chicago. No way in hell I’m going to the gas station once the sun goes down lol. Kia’s are one of the most stolen vehicles too because apparently all you need is like some tissue and a paper clip to start it

  20. May be a “nerd nigga”, but ya’ll always had the baddest chicks in the city though 💯

  21. I was same, in the magnet program. Wasn’t in the streets at all thanks to my strict ass pops lol. Still almost dropped out that bitch 🤦🏽‍♂️

  22. 50% of his life younger than you and still made more of an impact than you will ever 😭

  23. I cant tell if he actually believes this shit or he's just trolling

  24. This man was fucking 26 years old, do people get how old he was in the streets? And people think durk should’ve said something to him? It’s such a joke, that is a fucking grown man, nobody should have to tell him to not be an idiot and yet people expect other to. The way he was thinking and acting and not being able to mature is exactly why he ended up where he is.

  25. False. Von even told yall it ain't that serious until somebody got shot or died. Von's situation and Durk's ain't the same. Durk isn't doing the same shit as Von. Von died so this is serious for Durk now; it ain't no I wanna beat his ass just to beat him

  26. Oh but that songs not actually about killing people either because I said so, according to your logic.

  27. I mean, if you want to know how you could have avoided this, you could have slowed down when you saw the semi give you limited visibility, and stopped on the yellow (which would have only prevented this by sheer coincidence), but let's be entirely honest here, what I've suggested is bordering on excessive caution. There's not a lot you could have done to prevent this crash. The minivan skipped a red light, probably because they saw the semi move, and while both them and anyone on your lane would have had zero visibility of each other. They're absolute morons who caused this by practically every definition, and you didn't really do anything wrong.

  28. Ever since that one video where the truck had failed brakes and ran right thru a light killing like 15 people, I never cross streets without full visibility

  29. I don’t see how you could have avoided that, regardless of one’s philosophies on yellow lights. The van was completely hidden.

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