1. Of the vocals so far this is definitely my style. The others seemed to focus more on stylistic singing however i could barely understand them but this Pharita sounds confident and powerful and clear which i personally like. Hopefully she actually has a chance to show off her vocal skills with Baemon's music.

  2. Pharita has a crystal clear voice wow ... such a pleasent vocal tone and her English pronunciation is top notch, best one in BM

  3. I get it, there's probably some insecurity about showing your face that prevents you from daring to share an opinion but why the hell do these people think using fursona is any better?

  4. I refuse to believe that someone thought that this registered as a joke💀

  5. If you know the OP, it's not even surprising. He has a history of some weird opinions.

  6. Whether the show is the best ever, or the worst ever. It'll have to be cancelled. No way you can adapt the entire OP show in a live action with its length lol.

  7. If they try, they can at least make it to Water 7 Saga. It works well since Thriller Bark is where the designs starts to become insane that they would need a massive CGI budget to get it work and personally, Water 7 is where pre-Timeskip peaked

  8. One Piece has a lot going for it besides it’s style is my point. And I argue that it does feel real in terms of theme. A lot of the themes presented in the plot are very relatable

  9. But the cartoony style is one of its strongest charm so not including that will just make it another quality fantasy drama

  10. Everyone is crying bcuz no Gaia anniv and remake but no one is crying on how Jack got nothing during his anniv

  11. You couldn't make any of the old Disney TV Movies today because kids can figure out everything with smart devices

  12. Except Brink. A smartphone can’t help you become a soul skater.

  13. this. How are they all so young but have such distinct styles? Technique and all that aside I think it's impressive. I want to know how they're training them. When I was 14 I didn't have this much emotion or soul to pour into singing

  14. It could be the scouting. As in, they specifically find people with distinct vocals for this particular group

  15. Who is the one born in 2002 ? People on twitter were saying Asa was also over 18 but as it turns out she’s 16

  16. Power Rangers are my ult! Can't wait for their comeback next summer 🙌

  17. Sorry for being that guy but would have worked better if you said the next April since they have a reunion movie coming

  18. Back then there was a rumor about a Saber having a Kamen Rider Flint which ended up wrong... And Zenkaiger introduce a character named Flint not long after that

  19. I still remember dyna conveniently know how to create harmless magic balloon using flash type....

  20. Imagine if Agams turn into Imitation Dyna and his beef with Decker is that who is the most suitable to get the title New Generation Dyna....

  21. I actually am glad they didn't make him an Ultra. Would have been too Rider-ly with every key characters having the same power.

  22. She has a very clear pronunciation for being a non-English speaking person and for being so young. And she has that YG attitude.

  23. She's supposedly the earliest joining member reported so far. Excited if we'll hear stories about her from the older YG members

  24. Another addition to the 4th Gen GG Japanese Main Rapper Line. Asa 🤝 Yuki 🤝 Hikaru 🤝 Rei 🤝 Giselle 🤝 XG Rap Line.

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