1. Reread your lease. If it includes your using the kitchen, hold him to it. NTA

  2. NTA. The bridal party is your choice. Her biological father can include her among the groom's party.

  3. NTA. But do leave her a note. You don't want her worrying about you as well.

  4. This is funny, but don't do this. Giving Bob anything at this point could be seen (in a legal sense) as acknowledging there was a contract of some kind.

  5. Your parents and siblings are wrong. As long as you're paying for the "sweet 16" birthday party, you have a lot to say about the guest list, especially when it comes to siblings being invited.

  6. NTA. You have no obligation to put them up. This is your wedding and you're attending to so many other things.

  7. Bellatrix Lestrange's knife throw misses Dobbie and, instead, hits one of the children.

  8. NTA. Rules are meant to be broken when it's called for. You might consider telling this child's parents to enroll her in advanced math at the local college.

  9. You crossed a red line. Don't be surprised if HR calls you in for a serious discussion.

  10. What in heaven's name did you do that was so inappropriate that she left crying and that you just swore her to secrecy? YTA

  11. Y not? The HOA is a very interested party in this construction. They bear ultimate liability if anything goes wrong.

  12. NTA. Your nephew broke stuff. It's on him (and by extension, his parents) to replace what he broke.

  13. NTA. This is "complicated," as they say. But you're being held to unspoken norms of filial piety and behaviors. Candidly, it's a bit much for an absent father to expect his children to loan him money, to do more than text birthday greetings, to remember someone's heavenly birthday, and more -- especially since they never invested much effort in that child's upbringing.

  14. NTA. You're expressing your personal thanks to your SIL for going above and beyond the call of duty.

  15. NTA. Middle school is a time when lots of bullying starts and when other forms of the pecking order get established.

  16. YTA. Ma'am and Sir are terms of respect. They acknowledge that the person being addressed is in a higher ranking position than the speaker.

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