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  1. I totally agree! And the comments praising Chicago's or North's outfits and saying they "ate". It just feels really weird to me.

  2. Agree, it’s weird to talk about stranger’s children that way! I would be disgusted to have crazy ass stans commenting on my kids.

  3. Travis wearing shoes on a white bed is the wildest part of this clip for me...

  4. Me too!!!!!!!! I can’t imagine even having someone lay on my bed in their whole outside outfit PLUS their nasty shoes

  5. They even had Kimora lee looking foolish. This was so embarrassing for them wow

  6. I HATED her advice!!!! It was so cringe & faux “gangsta”. You ain’t with the shits Khloe! We all know this! 😂

  7. How cold is it in New York?!? Everyone behind her is in short sleeves & she is covered head to toe 🥶

  8. That Armenia trip was ROUGH! This made me think the film crew & editors hated Kourtney.

  9. "Your little canary diamonds looking like piss"

  10. "a person was bad because they let me have cheetos" umm.. 👀

  11. I think Kendall is so pretty but can someone take all her lip liner away and burn it thanks

  12. I know!!!! It always annoys me when they make that chocolate milk mustache with lipliner.

  13. Idk her hubby be liking Kim’s pic in the weee hours of the night

  14. Kim stole money from them too. And we dont know if she fully paid them back. I'd be salty forever

  15. THIS!! I think they stole from their mom. Steal from my mom and it will forever be on sight with me.

  16. But there‘s a huge difference on the narrative being „Oops, our sex tape got leaked“ and „This angry and revengeful black man who possibly sexually assaulted me with a dildo while drugged/unconscious is threatening me to leak another tape“. I think that‘s what set Ray J off, not because he wants attention.

  17. Right. They started this storyline in 2022 on their show to gain sympathy & distract from Kim’s controversies! Also, they stole from RayJ’s mom. If it was me I would drag them anytime I felt like it, too.

  18. i mean yes those points have been talked about many times here and i think we all agree, im more interested in why they’re choosing to show us inauthentic, unrelatable things. is that truly what they think the masses want to see? or do they just not care and want to portray themselves in a certain way, to hell with the shows ratings?

  19. Oh sorry. I think they don’t care about ratings as long as they are constantly in the press & have SM followers they feel like they can still control the narrative with their show.

  20. no need to be sorry. i was trying to encourage a deeper conversation but i could have worded it more politely so i apologize:)

  21. Kanye rather be hot and uncomfortable than be like other girls

  22. With all due respect, this is most likely not true. Calling her ugly is also not it. It is interesting and fun to talk about her surgery and stuff - she is a celeb after all - but straight up calling her ugly is bad form.

  23. This is 🧢. I seriously doubt “yeah, you’re famous for riding the coattails of your sister who’s only famous for sucking dick” This sounds like some incel bragging.

  24. Not bragging but larping bc he most likely made it all up.

  25. Also, I feel like all the hoops you have to go through to follow and like so many accounts is just a slow burn to selling all your personal info

  26. I remember she said Kanye taught her to be more selective about what she puts her name on.. something about how in the beginning she would accept any deal and promote crap… guess she’s over it.

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