1. It's not a scam, at least I don't think it is since it's posted on Andrew Gray's official IG page

  2. I know the more correct word would be "rip off" but it's like saying a price at a store is "a complete steal"

  3. The game isn't even that hand hold-y and as for the cutscenes, people always complain there's no story in Pokemon games, that's how most games show the story, cutscenes

  4. I would never dare trying to change an opinion I 1000% agree with (although tbf I never played legends and I hear alot of people, including friends who say IT is actually the best)

  5. Seeing the Cyndaquil line in comparison actually reaffirms to me that there's an effective way to make a Pokémon's evolutions balanced between "looks similar enough to make sense" and "looks different enough to be its own thing," and that the Pawmi line isn't it.

  6. How do they know what a relationship is like, when they have not even dated a woman?

  7. Lots of fanfics, because that's what they convinced themselves to excuse their shitty behavior and attitude and will never admit to being wrong

  8. Misogyny is often paired with a hatred of cats. People who want to control women REALLY don't like an animal that can't be trained to be slavishly obedient.

  9. Personally I would rather be in a room full of cats rather than a room with only 1 of these losers

  10. Nope Luna married Newt Scamander's grandson and Neville married... Hannah Abbott...for some reason

  11. I told him to challenge you to a duel so I guess if you guys go at it let us know who won.

  12. I highly doubt he'll actually go through it, people who talk such a big game rarely has the balls to back it up, only trying to sound tough on the internet

  13. It wasn’t just one conversation. The one you’re referring to was them admitting their feelings for one another. But they had dozens of supposed conversations while they were together in a very intimate setting.

  14. Exactly that's the part some people seem to miss, they BOTH ADMITTED their feelings for each other

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